52nd Comptroller Squadron

Spangdahlem Finance Office


The 52d Comptroller Squadron Financial Operations Flight provides pay and travel pay related customer service to the military members and civilian employees at Spangdahlem and assigned GSUs.

Lobby Hours: Walk-in Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Finance In-Processing appointments are conducted in building 131 (MPF) on the 3rd floor conference room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, beginning at 8 a.m.  Remember: you must be scheduled to attend the briefing.


Contact Information

DSN: 314-452-6763
Comm: +49 6565 61 6763
Customer Service email – 52cpts.fmfc@us.af.mil
Special (Military Pay) Actions email - 52cpts.fmfc1@us.af.mil
Civilian Pay email – 52cpts.civpay@us.af.mil

Finance Office Location

Building 128, 1st Floor


Finance In-Processing at the 52d FW is accomplished by one-on-one appointment reserved through each unit’s Command Support Staff and conducted in building 131 (MPF) on the 3rd floor conference room.  All receipts, flight itineraries, 2 copies of PCS orders plus amendments (front and back), and your Government Travel Card billing statement are required.  Once the voucher is completed, it will be reviewed for accuracy and forwarded to the Air Force Financial Services Center, located at Ellsworth AFB, for processing/payment.  The standard processing time for all PCS travel vouchers is approximately 20 days.   

All Air Force civilian employees and Active Duty Accessions will need to utilize walk-in hours or set up an appointment for assistance with filing PCS vouchers.

GSU In-Processing

If you are assigned to Spangdahlem but performing duties at a geographically separated unit (GSU), please contact your local Financial Manager to complete your travel voucher. 

Spangdahlem Disbursing Office

The Spangdahlem Disbursing Office is responsible for the safeguarding of cash, checks, vouchers and other negotiable instruments in support of personnel assigned.

Cashier Operations: Walk-in Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Contact Information

Phone: 314-452-5800
Comm: +49 6565 61 5800

Financial Analysis Flight

The Financial Analysis Flight is responsible for formulating, executing, and analyzing Air Force funds received for assigned mission activities.

Contact Information

DSN: 314-452-6911
Comm: +49 6565 61 6911
Financial Analysis email - 52cpts.fma@us.af.mil