• Promotes communication and collaboration between school, military organizations, community services, students and parents.

  • Provides information on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, school enrollment, school advisory councils and local educational options.

  • Advises Installation Commander on matters relating to schools and military child education

  • Assists to resolve issues when they cannot be resolved through proper chain of command

  • Provides transition assistance and information for families moving to the Spangdahlem area.

  • Provides outbound referral information about schools and SLO contacts for your gaining installation. One of the strengths of the School Liaison program is connections. ALL School Liaison Offices work together to provide consistent support for families and students throughout the world. No matter where your military service takes you next, we’ll be there to help your family make a positive school transition.


Alternative School Options

There are preschool, home school, and German school options in the Spangdahlem area. 

 If your family is interested in any of these alternative options, please contact the School Liaison Office for additional information. 

Free and Reduced Lunch

AAFES is responsible for managing the lunch program, to include the free and reduced portion. Program eligibility is based on total household size and income (BAH and COLA are NOT included as family income).

Apply online at

(You will need your child's 10-digit DoDEA student ID # prior to registering on the site)

You can monitor accounts and add money online for a fee. You may also add money at the Customer Service Counter at the Exchange for no cost.


There are many opportunities to get involved at Spangdahlem. See below for just a few of the opportunities available:

If civilians are interested, please contact the School Liaison Office or the specific school you are interested in volunteering at.

The schools are always looking for substitutes. You do not need a college degree—only a high school diploma. Please apply at Note: The pay for Spangdahlem is much higher than the generic pay listed on the substitute listing (as of 8/23 it is $146 per day). 

Some jobs in the schools such as an Educational Aide or a Library Technician are posted at  Search: Spangdahlem for listings in the schools.

Civilians interested in becoming a teacher may apply at

The School Advisory Committees (SAC) make recommendations and advise the principals on school policy, instructional programs, resource allocation, and student services. The SAC is an important venue for parent input regarding school matters.

Installation Advisory Committee (IAC) serves as the advisory group to the DODEA District Superintendent and Installation Commander on issues concerning our schools and our children, such as school meals, transportation, safety & security, medical services, and installation policies related to dependent education.

Please note: You do not have to be a member of the SAC or IAC to participate in either meeting. Attendance is highly encouraged regardless of membership. Contact your child’s school or the SLO for more information on upcoming meeting dates.

Contact Information


Contact information for the Spangdahlem School Liaison Office (SLO):


Spangdahlem Air Base

Building 151, room 215

(Same building as Civilian Personnel Offices)


DSN:  314-452-6942

CIV:  +49-6565-61-6942

From USA:  011-49-6565-61-6942





Eifel School Bus Office

Spangdahlem Middle School

Spangdahlem, Germany


DSN:  452-5364

CIV:  +49-6565-61-5364