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  • Maintaining the mission: Airmen step into the boots of crew chiefs

    Like many U.S. Air Force Airmen, Staff Sgt. Stephanie Gillie had never stepped foot on a flightline. Her job never gave her a reason to, as she was previously stationed at the Air Force Academy and currently works on the support side of base, here. But on April 3, 2019, the 52nd Security Forces Squadron investigator helped with the launch and
  • 52nd CES Fire Department sparks interest in high school student

    “Just looking at a fire right in the face, it was right there, no further than a foot away from me. I’m just standing there, being told what to do, having to react,” reminisced one high school student here.Omar Moylan, a senior at Spangdahlem High School, trained on his first live-fire exercise with the 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron Fire Department
  • Dispute Resolution Training provides problem-solving tool kit at Geilenkirchen

    The 470th Air Base Squadron hosted a course titled “Dispute Resolution for Company Grade and Senior Noncommissioned Officers” Mar. 26 – 28, 2019, at the Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base Education Center here. The 21 participants in the course came from Geilenkirchen, Kalkar, and Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum NATO Bases. The three-day interactive
  • Fasching in Germany is kicking off

    Fat Thursday signals the beginning of the five day “Silly Season” in Germany and takes place Feb. 28 this year. Popular on this day is the storming of city halls in German cities and communities. Ladies, known as “Moehnen”, dressed in old-fashioned outfits with masks, are responsible for storming the halls. After obtaining the symbolic key, the
  • Reservist Offers Options

    For Master Sgt. Billy Blair, it’s always a great day and yet another chance to offer guidance to separating Active Duty members. Blair is the newly assigned Air Force Reserve In-Service recruiter at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. He is available to answer your questions and review opportunities in the Air Force Reserve. His office is also able
  • The flightline never sleeps: AMXS Airmen operate at night

    The launch and recovery of aircraft, engine maintenance and servicing life-saving equipment are just samples of the many tasks needed to support the flying mission of the 52nd Fighter Wing. The Airmen of the 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron are experts in adaptability, able to operate in a vast range of environments and elements to support the
  • Spangdahlem Airman selected for US Air Force Honor Guard

    Training to be a ceremonial guardsman in the United States Air Force Honor Guard occurs at Joint Base Anacostia-Boiling, D.C. It is a two-month long intense program that includes everything from physical training to standing at attention as students train on color guard, firing party, pallbearers, drill team, or the Pentagon detail, consisting of a
  • Watch me lift: Spangdahlem powerlifting champion

    There is a certain technique to deadlifting more than 300 pounds, and one Airman here has become very good at it.5 feet 1 inch tall weighing 125 pounds, Staff Sgt. Patricia West, 52nd Command Post senior emergency actions controller, showed her award winning technique when she competed and won first place female competitor in the 2017 and 2018
  • Modern-day slavery: Spangdahlem recognizes National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

    Despite centuries of efforts to rid the world of slavery, it continues to exist today.According to the International Labor Organization, human trafficking and forced labor generates $150 billion in profits annually from the enslavement of approximately 21 million people.  That is more profit than is made by Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Verizon and
  • George ‘Big Man’ Price celebrates 90 years of life

    He is known as “Big Man,” and the Powerhaus Fitness Center gymnasium here is named after him. George Price, 52nd Force Support Squadron special events coordinator, celebrated his 90th birthday January 4, 2019, here.“I feel very good. I’m glad I’m still around. A lot of people my age have already hit the dust, and I am going to hang around as long