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  • 52d FW innovation team betters workflow, quality of life

    People have strived to make life just a little bit better since the beginning of mankind. These days, inconveniences are much smaller. For instance, a broken phone screen could jokingly be called a “first-world problem.”However, U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Matthew Connelly, 52nd Maintenance Squadron precision-guided munitions production supervisor,
  • Blue Flag brings Israeli, U.S. service members together with similar ties, different callings

    No matter who you are or what your background is, you can feel drawn to military service and that calling is different for everyone; Blue Flag highlighted that calling for two service members.
  • Thousands celebrate fall of Berlin Wall, 30 year anniversary of Germany’s reunification

    Thousands of people gathered in Germany’s capital, Berlin. They came from all over the world to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, on Nov. 09, 2019. Open-air shows and fireworks displays at the Brandenburg Gate, which had been a symbol of Germany’s division for decades, were just some of the festivities surrounding a
  • Terri: Angel in disguise

    On Thursday morning, Sept. 22, 2016, Theresa Lukens was driving to base to meet with a friend before her son left for a football game. Before entering the gate, she received a call. “Over my speakerphone the radiologist said, ‘The news is not good,’” said Lukens. “‘Your tests came back and you have cancer.’ As emotions took over, I pulled my vehicle to the side and started crying. Everything began to go gray and swirl.” Lukens was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer.
  • 52nd FW hosts Italian air force during aviation rotation

    In order to increase partnership, integration and interoperability, the Italian air force has been training and operating out of Spangdahlem during a recent aviation rotation.Hosting the ItAF has been an opportunity for some 52nd Fighter Wing agencies to hone their skills when it comes to interacting with allied forces.According to U.S. Air Force
  • What Does Leadership Mean to Me?

    Recently I was asked, How I would define leadership and what I utilize to evaluate myself as a leader.  Unfortunately, I was not able to answer the questions right away, as I wanted to take time to look myself in the mirror and ask, “What does leadership mean to me and what do I use on an everyday basis to measure myself as a leader?”  Leadership
  • 52nd MXS hosts 2019 AMMO Rally

    See Spangdahlem's Flickr page for more photographs. 
  • Vehicle Management Flight improved through innovation

    Whether it’s fixing brakes, replacing water pumps, steering and suspension or tires and gaskets, the Airmen of the 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron Vehicle Management Flight are trained and prepared to keep the 52nd Fighter Wing mission rolling.The Airmen of the VMF service a fleet of more than 900 government vehicles assigned to the wing and its
  • Keep on truckin’: F-35 pilot requalifies to refuel aircraft

    Several F-35A Lightning II aircraft arrived here as part of a Theater Security Package. For one pilot, the Spangdahlem flightline was familiar territory.U.S. Air Force Maj. Michael Slotten, 421st Fighter Squadron F-35A pilot, who was stationed here in 2004 as an Airman first class fuels distributor operator, visited his old unit and became