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  • Don't let the holidays turn you into "The Grinch"

    The holiday season can be an extremely busy, stressful time of the year. The season is packed with obligations, activities and expectations. In order to manage holiday stress, in a positive way, consider the following tips. Prioritize Think about what matters most to you during the holidays — family, travel, traditions, relaxation, etc. Focus you
  • 480th Fighter Squadron commander surpasses 2,000 flying hours

    Lt Col Mike Richard, 480th Fighter Squadron commander, surpassed 2,000 flying hours on October 18th, 2018, in the airspace around Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany.
  • Tactical aircraft maintainers ensure F-16 safety

    Out of all the crew chiefs here, very few are tactical aircraft maintainers tasked with the responsibility of inspecting F-16 Fighting Falcon intakes and exhausts.These inspections can only be performed by certified crew chiefs, ensuring aircraft are safe to fly.“It doesn’t just come — it’s a recommendation,” said U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Martin
  • Sister of Medal of Honor recipient, 480th Fighter Squadron pilot, recounts brother’s heroism

    When one reads about war and hears the stories told by those who were there, they seem like just that: a story. The events, places and people may be real, but if you haven’t been directly touched by that event it’s easy to distance yourself from it. “That’s quite a story and I’m sure it was scary to go through something like that,” and then you
  • Sabers dominate Cinco de Mayo softball tournament

    The Spangdahlem Air Base men’s and women’s softball teams protected their home fields and both dominated the Cinco de Mayo Softball Championship held here May 4 to 6, 2018. “I talked about it a few weeks ago with the men’s team,” said Staff Sgt. Joseph Campbell, Spangdahlem women’s coach. “We said we’re going to win this championship for both the
  • Easter traditions in the Eifel

    Easter is approaching - although children must wait a bit longer for the Easter Bunny to arrive at their homes and surprise them with gifts and coloured eggs, the bunny has long appeared as a chocolate figure on the shelves of Germany’s grocery stores. A few days prior to the Easter Feast, our friend “Bunny” can be seen everywhere - the bunny
  • Saber MWDs keep president safe

    On a recent mission to Davos, Swizerland, two military working dog teams provided security for President Donald J. Trump’s visit to the World Economic Forum, where they worked alongside Secret Service dog teams. Axel, accompanied by Air Force Staff Sgt. Dennis Subject, 52nd Security Forces Squadron K9 handler, and Tina, accompanied by Air Force
  • 470th Air Base Squadron- What we do

    Much like the mighty Bison animal, the 470th Air Base Squadron "Bison" are strong, courageous, resilient, resourceful, smart, reliable, and adaptable. The mission of the 470th ABS is to support the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Department of Defense, and family members while enhancing and providing combat-ready capabilities. "The highly
  • Choose your Supplements Wisely

    Are you currently taking or thinking about taking a dietary supplement? Do you know what you are taking? According to the Food and Drug Administration, a dietary supplement is "a product intended for ingestion that contains a 'dietary ingredient' intended to add further nutritional value to supplement the diet. A 'dietary ingredient' may be one or
  • Command - The First Six Months

    I’m not one of those guys who had to be talked into competing for command. I knew I wanted to try for a squadron when I returned to active duty. Whether I am doing a good job of it is open for debate, but six months into command, I am happy with the decision…when not sitting in a meeting. True, I am in Germany at a wonderful little base with a