The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is designed to make sure that the Air Force is able to support your family's medical and educational needs.

It is a mandatory enrollment program for all Active Duty Airmen who have a special needs family member. 

The Air Force has developed a new online process for this, but please feel free to reach out to your Spangdahlem EFMP office with any questions or concerns.

You can reach us at 452-8137/06565-61-8137 or 452-3107/06565-61-3107.


Getting Started

All members who PCS with EFMP dependents are required to out-process through the EFMP office in a certain way…How do I complete this??  

Step 1 - are you registered?

You have received your email from your Outbound Assignments Counselor directing you to this site. Now you need to do the following:
  • Q-base (requires a CAC and site must be opened in Internet Explorer)
  • Tricare Patient Portal (to enable secure messaging with your medical team)

*If you go to the Providers tab on your patient account and search for Spangdahlem, all the “Spangdahlem” provider boxes will appear to include EFMP.  The patient can then “Select” to link up with that provider, and a message will be sent to those who have access to that box.




step 2 - What forms do i need to complete?

Directly below are a list of forms that are part of the EFMP process. Each form is hyperlinked for downloading. Samples of each form and directions on how to complete them are available for your reference. So, are you moving to another overseas location or returning stateside? The answer that question will determine which forms you will need to complete. Several categories are listed below...what category do you and your family fall into? Find your category and completed forms.

Downloadable Forms: (highlighted for a customer friendly experience)

  • AF 1466 (1 per family)
  • AF 1466D (All dependents for dental clearance)
  • DD 2792 (Only for EFMP enrolled dependent)
  • DD 2792-1 (Only for EFMP enrolled dependent for educational reasons)

*Member only fills out the "PINK" highlighted sections of the form!*

For reference:

To complete the forms:

  • 1466 - ADSM completes all patient designated highlighted portions. (Leave the rest blank. This will be completed by the SGH and SNC at later time.)
  • 1466D - ADSM completes name and SSN. ADSM should schedule appointment with dental clinic (452-8333) to have dental examination and form completed.
  • 2792 - ADSM completes all patient designated highlighted portions. ADSM must call appointment line (452-8333) to schedule appointment with PCM to have document completed.
  • 2792-1 - ADSM fills out all demographic portions and personal information. Make appointment with school counselor or EDIS clinic for the completion of the form. Counselor should attach any supporting educational documents.

Which category are you?

I’m moving to another overseas location (OCONUS PCS)

  • AF 1466 (1 per family)
  • AF 1466D (All dependents for dental clearance)
  • DD 2792 (For each traveling dependent)
  • DD 2792-1 (Only EFMP enrolled dependents for education reasons)

I’m moving to another overseas location (OCONUS PCS but my dependents are not enrolled in EFMP)

**This is filled out the same way as the DD 2792, but it can be accomplished via telephone consult instead of a virtual appointment.

I’m going back to the States (CONUS PCS with EFMP)

  • AF 1466 (1 per family)
  • DD 2792 (Only EFMP enrolled dependents)
  • DD 2792-1 (Only EFMP enrolled dependents for education reasons)

I’m going back to the States (CONUS PCS with EFMP to an expedited base)

  • AF 1466 (1 per family)
  • DD 2792 (Only EFMP enrolled dependents)
  • DD 2792-1 (Only EFMP enrolled dependents for education reasons)
  • Copy of service member's assignment RIP

What is considered an expedited base?

An expedited base is a base that should be able to accommodate all medical and educational needs for special needs family members. The following bases are expedited bases:

- Hill AFB, JB Andrews, JB Bolling, JB Lackland, JB Langley, JB Randolph, Los Angeles AFB, Luke AFB, MacDill AFB, Nellis AFB and Wright-Patterson AFB.

Step 3 - I've completed my forms, now what?

- The Active Duty Service Member, aka "The Sponsor," will upload the completed forms into Q-Base.

*EFMP Dependent Patient: In order to preserve patient privacy, EFMP dependent adults can choose to send documents to EFMP office via Tricare Patient Portal secure messaging for submission. Contact your EFMP Office for more details!

Step 4 - I have been approved for travel by my gaining base, what do I do?

Send the signed 1466 to 52nd FSS outbound assignments at or your PCS counselor and wait for hard copy orders in vMPF.