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  • 52nd LRS intramural basketball team repeats as champions

    Sweat drops on the basketball court under the hot fluorescent lights of the room. The beads fall to the ground almost in rhythm with the basketball as a member of the 52nd Maintenance Group intramural basketball team dribbles the ball down the court. As the time on the clock ticks down to 0.0, the buzzer rings......suddenly, the once deafening
  • CMSAF #8: 'There's a reason you serve'

    A 17-year old Sam Parish enlists to a seven-year old Air Force December 1954. Fast forward a few years, Parish is the youngest seven-level skill in his career field and promotes to chief master sergeant at the age of 31.In 1973, Parish is selected as the Air Weather Service Senior enlisted Advisor, returns to Germany in 1976 as the Consolidated
  • 'Keep calm and Saber on'

    Many German citizens attended a New Year's Eve street party in Cologne, Germany, with expectations to ring in 2016 in style; however, their celebration ended with tragedy. Breaking off into groups, various male assailants formed rings around young women, groping them and stealing their possessions. Witnesses claim the criminals then threw
  • USO: "Until everybody comes home," 75 years of service

    "The United Service Organizations strengthens America's military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation," - USO mission statement"Not by machines alone will we win this war,"- Franklin Roosevelt, 32nd president of the United States.The winter before the Second World War, the
  • 'Skid monster' ensures driving safety

    A blue sedan zooms down the autobahn, trailing a maelstrom of snow and ice behind it. Dave had just finished work; it was a long and tiring day and there was nothing more he wanted to do but go home and lie on the couch with a warm, wool blanket.He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose and shut his eyes for a brief second.Just one brief
  • First Four spreads holiday warmth with German youth

    The crisp winter air vibrated with shouts and squeals from the children below. The grey cobblestones of St. Vinzenzhaus' courtyard echoed loudly with the children's rapid shuffles and scuttles. Smiling, Leon jumps high into the air as he reaches with all his might, his left hand extended to almost inhuman heights as he grasps at the sky.The grey
  • King of the Con

    A legion of storm troopers, a handful of rebels, and a scattering of other easily recognized characters milled about amongst vendors and demonstrators.The 52nd Fighter Wing's Club Eifel hosted the Sci-Fi Con's ninth annual event in the club's ballroom at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, Nov. 21, 2015.It took more than a year of planning to organize
  • Program set to expand students' horizons

    As the school bus pulls up in the Base Housing area of Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, 104 students ranging from the ages of eight to 12 run out, screaming, shouting and excited. At first, it seems they are excited that school is over, but as staff members of the 52nd Force Support Squadron's School Age Care Program come out to meet them, their
  • St. Martin's Day Nov. 11

    Each November, local townspeople host a colorful torchlight procession inhonor of St. Martin.St. Martin's Day is Nov. 11, but the dates for celebrations vary from townto town and sometimes take place days before or after. Germans celebrate St.Martin's Day with a procession where children carry candles orbattery-operated lanterns through the
  • Before the flight: Maintaining excellence is universal

    After organizing tools and making sure all equipment was accounted for, a crew chief took a second to stand up and remove his noise-cancelling ear protection.With his ears freed, he could now hear the distant sound of four F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft, the very aircraft he and his fellow Airmen were just working on, taxiing down the