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Welcome to the 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office!

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

Call us at: 314-452-6555

Email us at: 52cs.scsv@spangdahlem.af.mil


The following is a list of services provided by the 52d Fighter Wing Public Affairs office per AFI 35-109, Visual Information and AFI 35-101, Public Affairs Responsibility and Management.


Authorized requests for photographic support:

Emergency Response and Alert Photography – Damage to government property should exceed $10,000 to request photo support. Images are provided to Security Forces, AFOSI, Fire Department or Wing Safety office.

Material Deficiency Reports – Products produced based on AFI requirements.

Training Program Photos – Products used in conjunction with established training programs. This includes base instructor positions who need current biographies for display in their class areas, i.e. Detachment 17, 372d Training Squadron, and Airman Leadership School.

Studio Photography - Chain of Command Portraits – Squadron-level and above: commander, deputy/vice commander, director of operations, operations officer, senior enlisted leader, and first sergeant, to include additional duty first sergeants (those in position extended period of time)

Special Duty Portraits – Products produced according to special duty selection criteria. Customer must verify photography requirements prior to appointment. Note: includes ALS & Det. 17 requirements mentioned in 2c above.

Official Biography Photos – General officer-selects, general officers, commander, deputy/vice commander, senior enlisted leader, and first sergeant.

Annual / Quarterly Award Portraits – Group-level and above.

Any Portraits for Air Force-Level Award or Program Package - Customer must verify photography requirements prior to appointment.

Portraits for base Legal office personnel, Sexual Assualt Prevention Response office personnel, and Patient Advocates.

Change of Command Ceremonies – Squadron-level and above.

Commander’s Call – Official Air Force awards only (medals / quarterly or annual awards). Base photographer provided only when an O-6 or above presides over ceremony unless historically significant award is given such as the Order of the Sword. Imagery provided via hyperlink to customer.

Retirement / Promotion Ceremonies – Priority support for retirement from / promotion to Chief Master Sergeant or to Colonel or above, mission permitting. Stripes ceremonies or those over which the 52 FW Commander or higher ranking officer presides also receive priority. Imagery provided via hyperlink to customer.

Induction Ceremonies – Priority support to Chief / SNCO inductions only. NCO induction may be supported, mission permitting. Imagery provided via hyperlink to customer.

Distinguished Visitors – Support provided only for historical and informational purposes as deemed necessary by 52 FW/PA. Imagery provided via hyperlink.

Private organization, i.e. AFSA, 1st Four, Tier Two, Top 3, CGOC. Etc., events promoting community involvement, professional development or humanitarian efforts.

Group Photos - Group-level and higher are authorized one group photo annually, all others
will be provided a self-help camera. Exceptions made for official award requirements.


Authorized requests for video support:

Emergency Response – Support as needed. Products restricted to aircraft mishaps and OSI needs as deemed necessary by 52 FW/PA and requesting agency. All video provided to appropriate AF investigators IAW AFI 91-204, Safety Regulations and Reports.

Training Program Videos – Products must be Spangdahlem AB specific. Non-Spangdahlem AB specific topics will be researched by customer via http://dimoc.mil, Defense Imagery Management Operations Center. 52 FW/PA can assist with research as needed.

Wing Safety Support – Same parameters as Training Program Videos.

Wing Historian Support – Same parameters as Training Program Videos.

Change of Command Ceremonies – Wing-level and above only.

Retirement / Promotion Ceremonies – Vice/deputy wing commanders and above.

Induction / Graduation Ceremonies – Limited video coverage provided for Command Chief, Vice Wing and Wing Commanders, civilian equivalents, Medal of Honor winners, Order of the Sword recipients, or aerial aces.

Distinguished Visitors – Products acquired for historical and informational purposes as deemed necessary by 52 FW/PA.


52 FW/PA is UNABLE to support the following non-mission essential requests:

Interior design, i.e. photos to hang on walls and decorate offices.

Squadron social functions, i.e. hail and farewells, fundraisers, get-together, going away events, etc.

Booster Club events.

Memorabilia / souvenirs for going away, retirement or any other type of gift.

Work center photo ID boards.

Group photos for squadrons; exceptions made for official award requirements.

Private organization fundraising efforts.

Fun run events. Exceptions made when fun run event is included in campaign. (i.e., Sexual Assault Awareness, Cancer Awareness, etc)

Anything in violation of the Copyright Act of 1976. Copyright material will not be reproduced or utilized in any way without prior consent from the copyright owner. Requestor must provide a written copy of the consent before any production takes place.

Passport Photography. 52 FW/PA does not receive funding to provide base-wide passport services. Spangdahlem Air Base provides passport services at the Video Express. Service members and their families can be reimbursed for government passport photos.

Requests not identified above will be considered and prioritized based on mission requirements, operations tempo and office manpower at the time of request. Requestors who 52 FW/PA cannot accommodate may check out self-help photography and/or video equipment.

Alteration of official photographic images is prohibited by DoD Directive 5040.5, Alteration of Official DOD Imagery.