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Camera Check-out

      Self Help Cameras & iPad Checkout       

Need a camera and/or an iPad for an event? We are here to help! 

Follow the steps below to begin the process!

And be sure to read "Rules for self help camera/iPad rental"


Rules for self help camera/iPad rental:

Per AFI 35-101/

7.7.  Authorized Use of Department of the Air Force Visual Information Resources.

7.7.1.  Department of the Air Force VI resources (personnel, equipment, facilities, funding, etc.) are government property to be used solely for support to official Department of the Air Force organizations and their missions, DoD or other government agencies per current host tenant support agreement, memorandum of agreement, or similar vehicle. Use of government-owned self-help equipment requires users to adhere to operational security and information security guidelines. (T-0).

7.7.2.  Do not use government-funded VI resources to:  Provide personal souvenirs or gifts (for example, farewell gifts). (T-1).  Provide décor for individual personal office walls. Products for organizational areas may be provided depicting relevant missions performed.  Support or document farewell parties or social events unless certified as newsworthy or having historical significance by the base historian or chief of PA. Accession all imagery according to paragraph 7.18  Create products used primarily for entertainment during farewell parties or social events. (T-1).  Support Non-Appropriated Fund Force Support morale, welfare, and recreation activities. (T-1).


Pick up and drop off times: 0900-1100 or 1300-1500 M-F (excluding family days/holidays etc.).

Pick up: No more than 24 hours prior to an event. Please annotate on the AF Form 833 the specific time (30 minute block) you'll be arriving and when you'll be returning the equipment. IMPORTANT: Customers who fail to bring their AF Form 833 or arrive outside of the check-in/out window will be turned away. 

Drop off: Within 24 hours after an event. If said event happens on a Friday or prior to a family day/holiday, the kit can be returned the following duty day. As stated above, please annotate on the AF Form 833 the specific time you'll be returning the kit. This ensures that someone will be in the office to assist. It is imperative that the kit be returned with all of the equipment in working order & positioned as it was when the requestor checked out the kit. The individual will be liable for any missing or broken equipment.  

The requestor must be the individual who both checks out the kit and return it. This eliminates confusion on the part of the PA office and also the customer.

On the appointment date, please arrive with a copy of your AF Form 833. 

The equipment is available for self-help use on a first-come, first served basis.

  • Self-help kits are available to 52nd Fighter Wing Common Access Card holders for official, unclassified uses. Official uses is defined as activities that advance Air Force morale, welfare, education, and local unit and/or private organization events such as promotions, award presentations, training videos, educational videos, etc.

  • The use of self-help camera to document Controlled Unclassified Information and/or classified information is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to locations requiring a restricted area badge (hangars, flightline, HAZs), aircraft, bunkers, munitions, base maps, and security practices/measures.

  • Self-help kits will be issued via the AF IMT 1297 “hand receipt”. In the event of lost, broken or stolen equipment, the individual who has signed the hand receipt may be held financially liable for its replacement. Upon equipment return, the PA member assisting the customer will perform another function check on all equipment and validate the hand receipt before accepting the kit.

Any/All imagery users intend on sharing/posting/publishing by any means must be reviewed by 52 FW/PA prior to doing so. All imagery is considered UNRELEASED unless explicitly determined otherwise by a qualified Public Affairs specialist. When applicable, 52FW/PA will provide a Google Drive folder link by which users can submit their imagery for review/release. ​Failure to adhere to this policy may result in revoked use of self-help equipment, notification of misuse to the users chain of command, and/or administrative action

Getting Started:

Simply follow the steps below to check out a self-help kit.

1) Click "AF Form 833" to download the document.

2) Fill out sections 7-12 & 16-24 which are highlighted in yellow.

3) E-mail the PDF to

4) 52 FW Public Affairs will respond within three business days to let you know if a kit is available on the requested date.

5) If you are requesting an iPad, once your reservation is secured, we encourage you to print out the How To YouTube live stream checklist as well as the Live Stream Infographic as guides to make your event coverage a success. 

Camera Kits Include:

Camera body

Lens (24x70) 


Memory card w/reader

Camera battery w/charger

iPad Kit Includes:


Tripod w/iPad mount

Charging chord

Wireless microphone


Available Upon Request:

Extra tripods

Wireless microphones

Additional lens (70x200) 

Sun reflectors

Mini LED lights