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726th Air Mobility Squadron & Passenger Terminal

Squadron Summary

The 726th Air Mobility Squadron executes Rapid Global Mobility with safe, reliable Enroute support, including specialties in aircraft maintenance, passenger and fleet services supporting US Transportation Command’s global mission. The squadron has a rich heritage dating back to the Berlin Airlift. Col. Gail Halverson, USAF, ret., nicknamed “The Candy Bomber”, was assigned to the 7-2-6. Today, 141 skilled Total Force Airmen deliver Global Reach for America at Spangdahlem AFB--“The Gateway to Freedom.”

Contact Information 

Unit Mailing Address: Unit 3557, APO AE 09126-3557

Email: 726ams.cce@spangdahlem.af.mil

Commercial/DSN:  06565-61-8810/452-8810


American Forces Network Spangdahlem

Squadron Summary

AFN Spangdahlem professionals provide relevant, targeted force protection and command information, news and entertainment to DoD personnel and their families throughout Spangdahlem Air Base and the Eifel region in order to support Commanders in maintaining readiness and morale by giving their messages the widest possible reach.

Contact Information

Email: dma.afnspangdahlem@mail.mil

Commercial/DSN: 06565-61-9354/452-9354


Army and Air Force Exchange Service

Contact Information

Commercial/DSN: 06565-9345-110


Defense Commissary Agency

Contact Information

Email: ann-marie.wyatt@deca.mil

Commercial/DSN: 06565-61-3601/452-3601


Department of Defense Education Activity

Contact Information

Unit Mailing Address: Unit 3820, APO, AE 09126-3820

Commercial/DSN: 06565-61-6881/452-6881


Detachment 17, 372nd Training Squadron

Detachment Summary

Detachment 17 of the 372nd Training Squadron provides maintenance training on the F-16 “Fighting Falcon.” Det. 17 consists of 13 highly trained technical instructors, across nine career fields, who embody their work to maintainers and future leaders that support a vital mission with global impact. These formal courses cover in-depth theory of operation and advanced troubleshooting of aircraft systems, egress systems, aerospace equipment and faculty development curriculum.

Contact Information

Unit Mailing Address: 372 TRS/Det 17, Unit 3730, APO AE 09126

Email: richard.reif@us.af.mil (Det Chief)

Commercial/DSN: 06565-61-6390/452-6390


Detachment 518, Air Force Office of Special Investigations

Detachment Summary


The Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Detachment 518, mission is to identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, terrorist and intelligence threats to the Air Force, Department of Defense and U.S. Government in support of the 52d Fighter Wing and its geographically separated units.


Contact Information 

Unit Mailing Address: AFOSI Det 518, Unit 3745, APO, AE 09126-3745

Commercial/DSN: 06565-61-621/452-6291