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52nd Operations Group

52nd Operations Group

Group Summary

The 52nd Operations Group is paramount to ensuring the suppression of enemy air defenses. Deter Aggression with combat-ready Airmen capable of executing the full spectrum of our mission taskings and capabilities. Develop Strategic Partnerships and Capabilities through integrated training and exercise opportunities. Demonstrate Resolve and Commitment to our NATO/European Allies through forward presence and the ability to employ Airpower, enable Global Mobility, and accept combat ready forces.


Subordinate Units

The 52nd Operations Group is organized into three squadrons:

The 480th Fighter Squadron (480th FS) is USAFE’s only SEAD squadron, providing airpower operations to NATO, EUCOM, and AFRICOM with a “Combat Ready” F-16 squadron prepared to deploy combat airpower in support of Joint, NATO & coalition taskings. 

The 52nd Operations Support Squadron (52d OSS) performs several key functions including airfield operations, weapons/intelligence, weather, current operations, and aircrew flight equipment. In doing so, they support the 480th FS, receive and support rotational forces as well as enabling a major AMC airlift hub capability. Additionally, the Weapons and Intelligence team supports the Wing’s nuclear mission and its GSU’s with AT/FP information.


 The 52nd OG Detachment 1 (Det 1) provides continuous, in-country support to four Aviation Detachment Rotations each year to promote combined interoperability between Polish Air Force, USAF, and NATO.  DET 1’s permanent presence signals U.S. commitment to Poland, while affording DET 1 personnel the unique opportunity to increase interoperability while advancing bi-lateral mil-mil and local community relations during their unaccompanied 365 assignment.


Contact Information

52nd Operations Group

Unit Mailing Address:  52 OG, Unit 3558, APO AE 09126

Email: 52og.ccs@us.af.mil; 52og.cce@us.af.mil

Commercial: +49 06565 61 6631 DSN: 314-452-6631

480th Fighter Squadron

Unit Mailing Address:  480th FS, Unit 3700, APO AE 09126

Email: 480fs.cccomander@us.af.mil

Commercial/DSN: +49 06565 61 6033 DSN: 314-452-6033

52nd Operations Support Squadron

Unit Mailing Address:  52 OSS, Unit 3559, APO AE 09126

Email: 52oss.ccs@us.af.mil

Commercial/DSN: +49 06565 61 2030 DSN: 314-452-2030

Detachment 1

Unit Mailing Address:  52 OG/Det 1, Unit 8501, APO AE 09725

Email: 52og.det1.personnel@us.af.mil

Commercial/DSN: +49 06565 61 7818 DSN: 314-452-7852