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First Term Airmen

All first term airmen are required to attend the First Term Airmen's Center upon arrival at Spangdahlem. Courses are one week in length, and run semi-monthly.

Immediately upon arrival, you'll attend the 52nd Force Support Squadron's Military Personnel in-processing, or Intro. Intro takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 a.m. While there, you will call FTAC to be registered for class. First term airmen are excused from attending Newcomer's Orientation, as you'll be provided the same information during your class.

If you arrive with an extended wait until the next FTAC class, you can attend the driver's safety portion of Newcomer's Orientation in order to obtain your USAREUR driver's license.

The week-long FTAC class provides new airmen a thorough, comprehensive introduction to the base mission, completes their in-processing requirements and prepares them to be a strong member of the Saber team.

If you're a new airman headed to Spangdahlem, visit Spangdahlem's Military Homefront website.

If you haven't been contacted by your sponsor, call the A&FRC at DSN: 314-452-6422 or email 52mss.dpf.all@us.af.mil.

Good luck and welcome to Germany!