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Make temporary lodging arrangements as far ahead of your arrival as possible. There is no guarantee a temporary living facility or hotel room will be available when you arrive at Spangdahlem. The TLFs tend to fill up quickly, particularly during high PCS season. Individuals or families may be required to stay off base if on-base temporary lodging is not available.

If you are issued a non-availability letter, contact your sponsor for assistance in making a hotel reservation in the local area.

Lodging facilities on Spangdahlem Air Base provide clean and comfortable accommodations for individuals and families alike.  All customers traveling on orders will receive a guaranteed reservation on a first come first served basis.  If you are traveling space available reservations please contact the hotel directly as the space available policy changes due to occupancy.

Your sponsor can assist you in making reservations or you can. Check the online reservation system at
http://af.dodlodging.net/propertys/Spangdahlem-AB or call the Eifel Arms Inn reservations desk at DSN 314-452-0500.

The Eifel Arms Inn

Current rates are: $60.00 for visiting quarters (VQ), $69.00 for business suites (DV) and $63.00 for temporary living facilities (TLF).

Pet space in TLF is limited (additional fee of $10 per night) and is not guaranteed. For local kennel services, call the Eifel Arms Inn.

There are a number of hotels throughout the Spangdahlem and Bitburg area. The hotels below are within 15-30 minutes of Spangdahlem Air Base. Costs vary - contact hotels for rates.

Berrens Cafe Hotel: 06562-9-6780 
Dorint Sporthotel:  06569-99500
Holzwurm: 06567-8419 
IAT Plaza Hotel:  0651-999870
Lamberty: 06575-9-5180
Landhaus Biehl:  06565-2200
Lindenhof: 06571-6920
Reiter: 06575-641
Sportschule: 06561-60-7265
Victoria: 06565-2958
Waldhaus Eifel: 06565-9240
Wiedenhof Palace: 06562-9660  

Unaccompanied Members
Single or unaccompanied Airmen in grades E-1 through E-4 are not authorized temporary lodging allowance. After your sponsor meets you at the airport, your first stop on base should be the dormitory manager to receive a room assignment. If you arrive on a weekend, holiday or down day, your sponsor can stop by the dormitory manager one day earlier to get keys to a hospitality room until you can contact the dormitory manager.