480th Aircraft Maintenance Unit

480th Aircraft Maintenance Unit (480 AMU)


Provide fully mission capable aircraft though safe and professional maintenance.


Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany

Personnel and Resources

The 480th Aircraft Maintenance Unit is comprised of 239 personnel hailing from five maintenance career fields. This highly skilled and diverse team is responsible for field-level maintenance of 29 F-16C/D Block 50 aircraft.


The 480th Aircraft Maintenance Unit is organized under the 52d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. The AMU consists of the Airframe/Powerplant General (APG), Weapons, Specialist, and Support sections. Together, these sections are responsible for all servicing, inspection, maintenance, weapons loading, launch, and recovery of assigned aircraft. Through deliberate, focused, and rigorous training and the consistent application of time-tested quality maintenance practices, the AMU is able to deliver reliable combat assets to the 480th Fighter Squadron.


The 480th Aircraft Maintenance Unit is a true force enabler by being poised and ready to support any training or wartime scenario anywhere in the world at any time. As well as supporting Operations IRAQI FREEDOM and ENDURING FREEDOM, the proud maintainers of the unit successfully generated the first wave of air attacks and the suppression of enemy air defenses in Libya during Operation ODYSSEY DAWN. They have also participated in and fostered training events with other NATO nations and other allies, building partnership capacity throughout Europe.

Contact Information

Unit Mailing Address: 52 AMXS, Unit 3715 APO AE 09126