Vehicle Registration Information


Is your POV safe?
The Privately Owned Vehicle Inspection Center on Spangdahlem provides a free POV mechanical inspection to the Spangdahlem Military Community. With over 30,000 vehicles inspected each year, our goal is to ensure POVs are maintained and operated in accordance with USAREUR Reg 190-1.

You may be asked to replace, repair, or clean an item in order to pass the inspection. These measures are to ensure proper safety conditions and requirements. To make your POV inspection stress-free, please read on.

When you arrive at the Inspection Station:
■ Normal operating hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Take a minute to review to informative signs posted along the driveway and ensure you have the following required items in your vehicle:
■ First Aid Kit (DIN 13164)
■ Warning triangle
(These items are inspected at the beginning of the inspection proces.)
Without an AE Form 190-10 or 1901AA (Renewal Application), the inspectors will not begin the inspection.
For safety reasons, please wait at the stop sign until an inspector waves you forward.
DSN: 452-7426

You've got questions? We've got answers:
■ Is the Spangdahlem POV inspection part of 52d Security Forces Squadron Vehicle Registration office?
No, POV Inspection personnel are assigned to the Inspection Station
(See the "What you need to register your vehicle" section below)

■ Do the civilians speak only German?
No, our civilians are fluent in English and German

■ When are the busiest times to get my vehicle inspected? 
Lunch time (11 a.m. ) is the busiest time to get your vehicle inspected

■ Is the inspection free?
o Yes, inspection is free.

■ If I roll down my windows, will the inspector notice the tinted glass?
o German law has strict requirements for tinted glass on windows. The inspectors will need to see all your windows to ensure compliance.

■ Can I stay in the car while the mechanic test drives the vehicle?
o No, all individuals and pets must exit the vehicle. A waiting area is available.

■ I need to attach my temporary plates. Does POV inspection have tools for me to use?
o Sorry, the POV inspection station doesn't have any tools.

Top 10 reasons vehicles fail inspection:

1. The wrong First Aid kit

You must carry a First-Aid Kit that meets or exceeds the legal requirements and standards of the Deutsche Industrienorm (DIN).

2. Front and driver door window tint
After-market transparent or tinted material cannot be attached to the windshield, drivers-side window or front passenger-side window.

3. Chips and cracks in windshield
Glass in the front, rear, or side windows directly to the right or left of the driver may not have cracks that impair or distort the driver's vision. Windshields with cracks or fracture damage in the driver's windshield-wiping area over 1-inch long (2.5 cm), star-shaped fractures over ½ inch (12.5 mm), or any condition concerning glass breaks or cracks that obstruct the driver's visibility are not allowed.

4. Brake inspection
Braking effort from any wheel less than 70% of maximum effort recorded from another wheel on the same axle. In addition, if during road testing, the vehicle deviates excessively from a straight line.

5. Incorrect turn signals
Light color, position, or intensity not according to regulations.

6. Worn tires
The tread depth of the vehicle tires must be at least 1/16 of an inch (1.6 mm) over the entire tread. Inspectors will use a tread-depth gauge at any two adjacent major grooves at three areas spaced approximately equally around the outside of the tire.

7. Engine/Transmission/Power Steering fluid leaks
The vehicle will be rejected if there is evidence of an excessive leak, or an ongoing slow leak of oil, antifreeze or saturation of the underbody of the vehicle. If there is evidence of a slow leak, the undercarriage must be cleaned and re-inspected to verify whether or not there is still a slow leak. Excessive leaks are immediate failures.

8. Vehicle height
Minimum body ground clearance must be at least 8 cm from flexible body parts such as ground-effect spoilers or air dams and 11 cm from hard parts such as exhaust, frame components, and suspension.

9. Headlight alignment
Headlights must be aimed correctly (higher than 56 cm and lower than 137 cm). Lamp color, position, and intensity must in accordance with regulations.

10. Exhaust leaks/Noise level
The exhaust system must be secured tightly and free of leaks. Tailpipes must extend behind the rear wheels or beyond the side edge or rear of the vehicle body unless prevented by the manufacturer's specifications. Vehicle will be rejected if it emits excessive blue or black smoke. All exhaust line parts must be strong enough to resist normal hand pressure applied by the inspector. All repairs to exhaust systems must be made by welding or component replacement. All motorcycles and automobile exhaust systems will be inspected for noise levels. Noise level may not exceed 95 decibels.

Driver's Licensing/ Obtaining a USAREUR License:
· Valid State or Country License & Safety Briefing Attendance Slip
· Complete AE Form 190-1T (application)
· Pass the exam (some country/military licenses may be transferred without taking the exam, please inquire before arranging to take the exam)
· The $10 Licensing fee is due before license can be issued. We only accept checks and money orders; sorry cash cannot be accepted.
· Safety Briefing that is through Wing Safety. (You will get this through New Comers' Briefing or FTAC) New Comers' is every Wednesday and is a mandatory appointment.

The Drivers Handbook (AE Pam 190-34/ USAFE Pam 31-206) can be obtained from drivers testing; the base library, your unit Vehicle NCO/Officer or downloaded from
Motorcycle license requires a valid State or Country license with motorcycle endorsement and proof of Motorcycle Safety Foundation course completion within 3 years.

What you need to register your vehicle:
A valid USAREUR driver's license is required for all vehicle transactions, except for non-operational vehicle registration. When an Insurance Confirmation Card (INSURANCE CONFIRMATION CARD ) is required it must be less than 120 days old and must be valid on the date of registration (the day you visit our office). (USAA UK-00-800-531-81110)

A waiver letter is required if you will exceed the authorized number of vehicles (3 for married accompanied and 2 for single/single parent or married unaccompanied). Your squadron commander must sign this letter (personnel who are not assigned to a squadron/group require the Mission Support Group Commander's signature).

The Registration fee is $30. Sorry no cash; we accept checks, money orders, and credit cards. Our credit card system is the same as AAFES; if the system is not operating properly, we will require a check or money order to complete the transaction. Additionally, we cannot accept credit cards for transactions being issued temporary license plates (temporary plates are issued to vehicles that still require an inspection).

Operational motorcycle registration requires proof of Motorcycle Safety Foundation course completion within the past 3 years.

Vehicle Shipped from CONUS:
· Stateside title or registration (or purchase order if not registered in US)
· DD Form 788 (Shipping Document)
· AE Form 190-1AA

Vehicle Purchased in Germany
· A copy of the Bill of Sale or Purchase Order (with VIN or Chassis #, buyer's and seller's information and signatures)
· Completed AE Form 190-1AA
· The German Title Book (Fahrzeugbrief), and German Registration (Fahrzeugschein)
· Used vehicles require deregistration documentation from the Germany registry (Abmeldebescheinigung)

New Vehicle
· A copy of the Purchase Order (with chassis or VIN #, Buyer's and Seller's information and signatures)
· DD Form 788 (Shipping Document), if applicable
· AE Form 190-1AA
Transfer of Ownership (Vehicle already in USAREUR Registry System)
· Registration must not be expired
· A POV safety inspection is required if the current owner's registration & plates expire it needs to be inspected no more than 30 days prior to transfer.
· The buyer and the seller must be present to transfer ownership of the vehicle
· The seller will need: Lien release (if applicable), and the current registration
· The buyer will need: INSURANCE CONFIRMATION CARD, AE Form 190-1AA

Registration Renewal
Registration renewal notice AE Form 190-1O (or AE Form 190-1AA) with inspection stamp. Note: Renewals may be accomplished up to 75 days prior to expiration date.

Non-operational Registration
· The vehicle must be parked in an authorized location, contact Security Forces operations at 452-4030 for designated locations
· Registration renewal notice AE Form 190-1O (or AE Form 190-1AA)
· License Plates if currently registered operational
· Non-operational renewal requires written authorization from squadron commander.

Deregistering a Shipped Vehicle
· DD FM 788 (Shipping Document)
· Current Registration
· This is a no fee transaction

Deregistering a Vehicle sold off-base
· Registration, plates, bill of sale, customs clearance, and lien release
· This is a no fee transaction

Deregistering a Vehicle Donated to MWR
· Registration, plates, and lien release
· AE Form 190-1ZR, Certification of Release/Donation of POV from MWR
· This is a no fee transaction

Junking a Vehicle off base
· Vehicle must be registered non-operational
· Go to customs and get required paperwork
· Go to German customs in Wittlich
· Bring all completed paperwork to vehicle registration office and de-register vehicle 

Shipping a Vehicle for Spangdahlem to Conus/Overseas
· 1-2 Days prior to shipping switch to shipping plates
· Bitburg Plates will need to be with you
· Ship vehicle
· Bring in paperwork to vehicle registration office and de-register vehicle

· Current Registration (if valid for 90 days shipping plates are free. If less than 60 days check, money order, or credit/debit card $30 must be paid.
· 190-AA Application filled out #7-#48

Vehicle Registration Checklist

Vehicle Registration Waiver

Transfer of Non-Op Vehicle

Deployment Extension Letter

Bill of Sale

AEF 190-1T

AE 190-AA

Additional Gas

For additional questions on vehicle registration, contact the 52 SFS Vehicle Registration:
Location: Bldg 127 Room 206
Hours: M-F 0745-1530 Close for lunch 1130-1230
- Wednesdays of each week are appointment days.
DSN: 452-6227 & 452-6620