Getting Here

To Spangdahlem from Frankfurt International Airport
1. Exit the airport and follow the signs direction Weisbaden Autobahn A-3
2. Stay on Autobahn A-3 direction Koblenz
3. Once in the vesting of Koblenz you need to take the Koblenz Autobahn A-48 exit
4. Stay on Autobahn A-48 direction Trier
5. Take the Burgweiler/Wittlich exit #11 to A-60, Bitburg
6. Take the Spangdahlem exit and follow the signs to the base

To Frankfurt International Airport from Spangdahlem
1. Exit the main gate and turn right towards Manderscheid
2. Follow to the A-60, take it to Wittlich
3. Once at Wittlich take Autobahn A-48 past Koblenz direction Frankfurt am Main
4. Autobahn A-48 will turn into Autobahn A-3
5. Follow Autobahn A-3 direction Frankfurt
6. Once in the vicinity of Weisbaden you will see a sign with an airplane
7. Follow the airplane sign staying on Autbahn A-3
8. The international airport will be on the right marked with exit signs

To Spangdahlem from Ramstein Air Base
1. Exit Ramstein main gate and proceed through the traffic circle
2. Continue on and take the second left
3. Pass through the first traffic light to the second
4. At the second light turn right on to Autobahn 6
5. Stay on Autobahn 6 for approximately 5 Km
6. Take the Autobahn 62 exit Kusel/Birkenfeld/Trier
7. Autobahn 62 will change into Autobahn 1
8. Continue on Autobahn 1 past Trier towards Wittlich
9. Exit at the Wittlich Kruez on A60 towards Bitburg
10. Continue on A60 until you reach the Spangdahlem exit
11. Follow the signs towards Spangdahlem
12. The main gate is off the first traffic circle you enter

To Ramstein Air Base from Spangdahlem
1. Exit the main gate and turn right towards A60
2. Take the A60 exit towards Wittlich
3. Take the Wittlich Kreuz exit A1 toward Trier
4. Continue on Autobahn 1 past Trier toward Kaiserslautern (Autobahn 1 turns into Autobahn 62)
5. Exit Autobahn 62 onto Autobahn 6 Mannheim, Kaiserslautern exit
6. Proceed approximately 2 Km to the signs for the US Air Base
7. Follow the signs to Ramstein Air Base

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