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  • Changing to a healthier lifestyle

    Winter is cold and dark, and people often feel tired and without energy. Many share these thoughts and uncomfortable feelings on grey winter days. A good way to overcome this state of mind is to make a change toward a healthier lifestyle to feel fit again. The Spangdahlem fitness center along with the health and wellness center offer programs to
  • SFS Memorial: more than just pictures, names

    Editor's note: This is an interactive story. Click the blue text beneath each photo to read more about the pictured individual above.U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Elizabeth N. Jacobson was the first name added to the list. U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Tamara Mayer, 52nd Security Forces Squadron commander, thought she would ask her Defenders some
  • Finishing Strong: 81st maintainers rock final exercise

    A radio squawk sounds across the maintenance hangar. The call sets Airmen of the 81st Aircraft Maintenance Unit into motion like clockwork. Some grab tool boxes and laptops, others reach for their hearing protection.It's an orchestrated effort that every single Airman in that room knows by heart.As they step out of the hangar, a cool Atlantic
  • Ice hockey championship builds camaraderie in military community

    The whistle blew and the hockey players' blades scarred the gleaming ice as they skidded to a stop at the line, spraying clouds of ice. Both teams faced each other at the line and raised their sticks to salute their opponents as the first 2013 U.S. Air Forces in Europe Ice Hockey Championship match began on February 14, 2013. The three-day
  • Welcome to the jungle: Forecaster supports counterdrug operations

    He didn't know where it was to or what it was for, but when Charleston, S.C., native Tech. Sgt. Adrian Jackson heard a short-notice tasking to deploy was open, he volunteered immediately.However, when Jackson volunteered he had only been here two months."Because he was new to base, he was ineligible to deploy for six months; however, he wanted to
  • Chief recalls near-death experience

    Chief Master Sgt. Richard Lien takes health seriously.The 48-year-old base fire chief follows a concrete exercise plan 7-days a week and watches his nutrition plan closely.Regardless of the weather outside or his busy schedule, he makes the time to pass an Air Force physical fitness test every day.A PT test a day, followed by a brisk 2.5-mile walk,
  • Do’s of shopping in the local area

    People don't have to walk far to find a supermarket in Germany these days as most villages have at least one nearby that offers anything from beets to bread to beer. Although they are miniature versions compared to the ones found in the United States, every supermarket in Germany typically carries a large variety of products, including most items
  • Ice skate into shape with friends, family

     Ice skating is fun for many reasons. Not only is it a good work-out, but to many people, it is a wonderful feeling to gently glide over the smooth ice. In Germany and the Eifel region, ice-skating continues to be a popular sport during the winter months. It's a fun way to stay in shape and spend time with friends and family. The Bitburg rink is
  • How Germans celebrate Christmas

    During the holiday season, Germans celebrate Christmas much the same way as Americans. They decorate Christmas trees and put up decorative lights, but in other ways, the countries observe the holiday differently.While Germans like to spend a quiet evening with their families and sometimes wait until that day to put up and trim their trees,
  • Get into the holiday spirit at Trier's Christmas Circus

    The ancient Roman city of Trier is becoming the site for a spectacular holiday event, the 8th annual Trier Christmas Circus, which takes place Dec. 18-30 at the city's Moselauen fairgrounds, located at In den Moselauen 1, 54293 Trier. Show times are 3:30 and 7:30 p.m., except for Dec. 18, the day of the debut. The debut takes place 7:30 p.m. On