Energy action month charges change

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Christopher Ruano
  • 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
October is Energy Action Month. As part of the monthly celebration, Saber nation is being challenged to be more energy conscious.

The Department of Energy is leading the national campaign by providing an opportunity for Airmen to learn more about the impact of energy on the Air Force's mission.

"The slogan for this year is, 'I am Air Force energy,' [and focuses on] getting everyone to take ownership of energy awareness and conservation," said 1st Lt. Andrew Anderson, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron base energy manager, from White Bear Lake, Minn.

Through facility upgrades, more efficient processes and greater awareness of energy issues, the service has reduced its energy intensity by 21 percent since 2003.

A letter to Airmen sent by Acting Secretary of the Air Force Eric Fanning stated, "The smart use of energy means flying our aircraft farther, transporting more cargo and accomplishing our mission in a more efficient and effective way."

Everyone in the Air Force--Airmen, Department of Defense civilians, contractors and families-- has a role in achieving this energy goal, and Team Spangdahlem is no exception.

"Energy is a part of everything we do and all of us have a role in ensuring the Air Force meets its energy goals in order to fly, fight, and win," said Col. David Julazadeh, 52nd Fighter Wing commander. "Energy Action Month is a time to think about how energy impacts our daily lives, the lives of our families, and our ability to accomplish our mission."

To educate Saber Airmen and instill a sense of ownership, the 52nd CES base energy manager is utilizing various platforms to on how to conserve energy.

"We have a poster contest at the elementary schools to promote energy awareness with the youth on base," Anderson said. "We also have a 5-K run to promote energy awareness October 11 at the Skelton Memorial Fitness Center."

There will also be an information booth at the Base Exchange for some hands-on training for people to learn about energy conservation Oct. 24.

Spangdahlem continues to improve its energy efficiency through projects big and small from changing a light bulb to installing more solar panels to power the base.

"We have done things such as replacing inefficient equipment with more efficient models, art boilers, lighting systems, occupancy sensors to shut down lighting, and installing LED-lighting around base," said Eric Reeves, 52nd CES resource efficiency manager, from Colorado Springs, Colo.

Saving energy at work and home can be as easy as using programmable thermostats, opening blinds and curtains in winter to gain heat, consolidating personal appliance from workspaces to a shared space, switching off the computer monitor when not in use and car pooling.

There are more than 20 projects underway to reduce the amount of energy used on Spangdahlem. One project is in Building 99 where two outdated and inefficient boilers are being replaced with four smaller stage boilers. The change is projected to save 60 percent in heating cost for the building.

"One of our big projects we're developing right now is to transfer our heating system from a fuel oil heat to a natural gas," Reeves said.

For more information on energy action month and how to make a difference, visit or call Anderson at DSN: 452-5371.