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  • Logistics Airmen own the night during joint-service training

    A joint-coalition team led by the 451st Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron peers into a dark, moonless sky in preparation for a nighttime helicopter sling load mission. All of their other senses are heightened to compensate for the reduced visibility as a UH-60 Black Hawk flown by Soldiers of the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade approaches the
  • Community bonds take root through flower project

    Due to current fiscal hardships and limited resources, the Air Force continues to evaluate base operations to see which carry out the mission and which can be cut.Despite the reduced funding, community members and private organizations have stepped up to find an alternate means of providing luxuries to the base without using government funds.Chloe
  • Av-Det NCOs 'Speak Up' for local community

    As an American, living and working in Poland can be a daunting experience. Language barriers, cultural differences, lack of familiar connections and having no family are among the many challenges the 10 Airmen of Aviation Detachment 1, 52nd Operations Group are faced with each day. However, two Av-Det NCOs are making the most of their situation by
  • Honoring the fallen

    A fragile silence engulfs a field of white crosses. Three slow, somber notes then resonate through the headstones. A small group of service members of past and present stand with their loved ones as taps is played from an unseen bugler."This is a very touching and memorable occasion today," said John Hobson, who fought alongside his
  • Beware ... witches make things disappear the night before May 1

    German Labor Day is May 1 in Germany. Prior to the federal holiday, people in the Eifel observe a number of local traditions. The most common symbol for the holiday is the May pole, a symbol of freedom. Every community in the region has their own tree, usually set up by members of the local fire departments the afternoon of April 30. Since the May
  • First-time deployer prepares for war

    It was a cold, gray April morning as the Airmen lined up outside of the building to prepare for their deployment. One by one, they escaped the icy wind and shuffled into the building with backpacks, personal belongings and the infamous brown deployment folders in tow.Small talk quietly buzzed around the dimly-lit room as the NCO in charge called
  • Goad: Up in Smoke

    In the United States, 19 percent of all adults smoke cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's 43.8 million people. Collectively, cigarette smoking costs more than $193 billion, which is a combination of lost productivity and health care expenditures. Now, as far as money coming out of a person's own pocket, it
  • Toastmasters foster leadership

    The Spangdahlem chapter of the Toastmasters International organization is open to anyone interested in joining.The Saber Toastmasters is a public-speaking forum that promotes all facets of communication and leadership."This is a place where leaders are made," said Tech. Sgt. Justin Valiente, Saber Toastmaster vice president from Phoenix. "We take
  • Women's group takes flight: SpangDamen get-together, learn, laugh

    They didn't start the group to mentor people or warn them about the dangers of sexual assault; though, those are two things they sometimes talk about.Senior Master Sgts. Teri Herrera, 52nd Fighter Wing judge advocate from Columbus, Ohio, and Vicki Lemke, 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron munitions production section chief from Palm Bay, Fla.,
  • Helping Airmen through Airman's Attic

    Brenda Jones has stored up story after story in her "attic" of how the Spangdahlem Airman's Attic has provided for Airmen and families since she signed on to be a volunteer there."Gosh, so many stories," Jones said with a laugh. Jones is the coordinator of the Airman's Attic, which provides donated items at no cost to help Airmen who are in various