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  • Sponsorship makes first impression

    Sponsorship makes the critical first impression of a new base anytime military members and families move. Those first few months of transition into a new unit can set the scene for how well or poorly the rest of a new tour will play out.At Spangdahlem, sponsorship is regarded very seriously with a well-established program to ensure new Sabers are
  • Saber medical exercise a 'USAFE first'

    As medical technicians hurry to administer lifesaving vaccinations, you watch as the military - renowned for discipline and organization - tries to restore order to a panicked population in the dawn of a global pandemic. You take a step in line to see the next doctor. You tell her you're fine and just need a shot. But, after taking a swab sample
  • Meet the vice: Passionate about planes and people

    Like many Air Force stories, it all started with...planes. It's hard to imagine the approachable, even-keeled Col. Lars Hubert, 52nd Fighter Wing vice commander, as a child running under roaring planes as they flew overhead at Kelley Air Force Base, San Antonio. But one of his most formative memories was when he sat on his dad's lap in the cockpit
  • Gearing up for winter

    As winter approaches Spangdahlem, service members are urged to prepare for the winter season with cold temperatures and slippery roads fast approaching. Col. David Julazadeh, 52nd Fighter Wing commander, expects everyone to use effective operational and personal risk management at the organizational and individual level to achieve mission
  • Energy action month charges change

    October is Energy Action Month. As part of the monthly celebration, Saber nation is being challenged to be more energy conscious. The Department of Energy is leading the national campaign by providing an opportunity for Airmen to learn more about the impact of energy on the Air Force's mission. "The slogan for this year is, 'I am Air Force energy,'
  • "Ozapft is" starts Germany's October festivals

    Celebrate an October festival right here in the Eifel, in WittlichFor those base members who don't want to travel all the way to Munich to enjoy the October festival fun, a local festival is an option and will start Sept. 27in Wittlich. The official opening ceremony, when city officials, organizers and guests jointly tap the first keg of beer and
  • End of an era

    Of the more than 264,000 enlisted Air Force members, less than 1 percent ever reaches the rank of chief master sergeant. Even fewer serve 30 years, but in a recent ceremony, the 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron said goodbye to two 30-year chiefs as they continue their journey outside the military. From the introduction to the computer, many uniform
  • Reunited, a family's hearts beat as one

    Saturday's Operation Homecoming included a unique reunion for one Saber family. For five months, half the King family has been away--one through a deployment with the U.S. Air Force and another two who won't be born until October. Tech. Sgt. Jesse King, an avionics specialist with 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, returned to greet his wife
  • Air Force credits Airman resiliency to spouse support

    Air Force leadership continues to encourage Airmen to embrace a total-person concept, which is a deliberate focus on mental, spiritual, physical and social wellbeing.That wellbeing, or resiliency, grows when an Airman has the full support of the unit, coworkers or family members."Military families make a significant commitment to support our
  • Aircraft maintenance: Supporting the mission in the wild blue yonder

    "Red Ball, bravo three, we've got a code three," the pilot calls over the radio, his voice muffled by his oxygen mask.Like magic, a blue van of maintenance crew, including engine and avionics specialists, appeared from around the corner of the flightline to the waiting F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft. The production supervisor, already there