FSS keeps Airmen in the know with TSGLI, SGLI

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Bryon Hambacker
  • 52nd Force Support Squadron
One of the largest known benefits for military members is the Service Members' Group Life Insurance, or SGLI, but lesser known is the TSGLI.

The Traumatic Injury Protection under the Service Members' Group Life Insurance program is an additional coverage to SGLI. The TSGLI rider provides payment to service members who are severely injured on or off duty as the result of a traumatic event and suffer a loss that qualifies for payment under TSGLI.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding SGLI and TSGLI. The purpose of this is to give all service members a better understanding of the full range of their benefits.

Who are TSGLI payments designed to help?

TSGLI payments are designed to help traumatically injured service members and their families with financial burdens associated with recovering from a severe injury. TSGLI payments range from $25,000 to $100,000 based on the qualifying loss suffered.

Who is the beneficiary of TSGLI?

The service member is the beneficiary of TSGLI. The member cannot name someone other than himself or herself as the TSGLI beneficiary. If the member is incompetent, the benefit will be paid to his or her guardian or attorney-in-fact.

How much does TSGLI cost?

The premium for TSGLI is a flat rate of $1 per month for most service members. Members who carry the maximum SGLI coverage of $400,000 will pay $27 per month for both SGLI and TSGLI.

Who is covered under TSGLI?

Every member who has SGLI also has TSGLI effective Dec. 1, 2005.

Can the service member decline TSGLI?

TSGLI coverage is automatic for those insured under basic SGLI and cannot be declined. The only way to decline TSGLI is to decline basic SGLI coverage.

Are spouses and children covered by TSGLI?

TSGLI is not available to spouses and children under Family SGLI. It is available only to service members insured under SGLI.

For further information on TSGLI visit http://www.insurance.va.gov.