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  • 50 years later, Airmen recount JFK's death

    "This is Walter Cronkite in our newsroom: there has been an attempt as perhaps you know now on the life of President Kennedy..." The news alert -- just one in a series of frenzied and vague bulletins -- broadcast across television and radio waves Nov. 22, 1963, to a nation that couldn't believe what its collective eyes and ears were processing. In
  • Unarmed Airman stops armed robbery

    It isn't every day that an unarmed bystander stops an armed robbery. But in March 2011, that is exactly what one Airman did.And for his bravery in the local community that day, Staff Sgt. Nathan Londak, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron, received an Airman's Medal presented by Col. David Julazadeh, 52nd Fighter Wing commander, during a ceremony at
  • A&FRC scavenger hunt salutes military families

    The Airman & Family Readiness Center hosted a scavenger hunt for Spangdahlem families Nov. 16. The event, themed for the Month of the Military Family, challenged participants to find items like blue parking meters and a library card throughout the installation."The scavenger hunt is a fun way we want to thank our families for everything that they
  • Educated pet buyers make better 'scents'

    The holiday season is here, and it's often a time when people put serious thought into their gift ideas. While thinking of the latest fads and crazes, many people turn from buying electronic media and wearable items to fuzzy and fluffy puppies and kittens. Pets are great additions to the family when properly planned for, explained Capt. Alicia
  • Local children honor Saint Martin with a torchlight procession

    Each November, local townspeople host a colorful torchlight procession in honor of St. Martin. St. Martin's Day is Nov. 11, but the dates for celebrations vary from town to town and sometimes take place days before or after. Germans celebrate St. Martin's Day with a procession where children carry candles or battery-operated lanterns through the
  • MaxFit keeps Sabers 'Fit to Fight'

    As of the beginning of this fiscal year, physical fitness testing standards have changed. In a culture of forward-moving Airmen, the Skelton Memorial Fitness Center offers a class to keep all base members "Fit to Fight."MaxFit is a free class designed specifically to help improve fitness assessment scores as well as provide participants a full-body
  • Bitburg Commissary closure ends era

    In 1989, the then-36th Fighter-Bomber Wing welcomed the latest addition to Bitburg Air Base: a new commissary. The building -- both with its combined American and German staff and store's expanded capabilities - would support Airmen and their families through crucial military operations around the world as well as at home for multitudes of family
  • DoD Directive: E911 system installed on Spangdahlem

    The new E911 emergency phone system is currently being installed and will be operational base wide starting January 2014. The new E911 system will allow first responders to see physical call data from incoming calls across Spangdahlem. The phone number for emergency services in Germany and on Spangdahlem is 117."E911 is a server that is being
  • Airmen put 'Consent' on trial

    It started off as a typical Friday night for many Airmen with their wallets full of money to burn, their stomachs ready to chug the best German beers and their minds ready to explore the undefined possibilities of "hooking up." But for two of them, their alcohol-fueled night would end in a shattered sense of trust, establish an unclean feeling of
  • Rugby Life

    On a cold fall Saturday afternoon, the crowd cheers as the competition creates a heated intensity throughout the field. It's an environment rugby players thrive in, and for one particular player, the prospect of coming back to stakes like these gives him a burst of energy."It's very competitive and hard - it pushes you to your limits," said Elliot