Super Saber Performer

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Name: Airman 1st Class Kyle J. Kubon

Unit: 52nd Fighter Wing Command Post

Duty title: Emergency actions controller

Hometown: Pasadena, Calif.

Years in Service: One and a half years

Why joined: I joined for career enhancement and to serve my country.

Family: My family consists of my mother, father, and two little brothers, but I am a single Airman.

Hobbies: I enjoy sports, participating in a German paintball league and traveling.

Favorite aspect of job: The best part of my job is the peak periods during high-ops tempo, executing emergency management duties.

Most memorable Air Force experience: My most memorable experience so far is being assigned to Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, and having the vast travel opportunities at my disposal.

How do you make responsible choices: I maintain constant and effective communication with my immediate supervisory chain; I always have a primary and back-up plan; I actively do everything I can to continually embody the ideals identified in AFI 36-2618, the Air Force Core Values, and the Airman's Creed.