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  • Faces of Freedom

    Dana Schleich is the cousin of Staff Sgt. Angela TerMeer, 52nd Fighter Wing Inspections, Plans and Programs security manger. Dana is a fourth grader at Hanson School in South Dakota and received first place in a poem contest for her poem about Sergeant TerMeer when she was in third grade. The contest, sponsored by the American Legion, was themed
  • Holy Robe Days in Trier

    Once a year, the Trier diocese hosts the "Holy Robe Days" as the most important diocesan festival in Trier. Thousands of people flock into the city to access the Trier Dom that displays the most precious relic of the cathedral, the tunic of Jesus Christ. People join in the celebrations, which include worship services, target group programs,
  • Make way for bikers at Happy Mosel -- 17 years of the world’s longest wine street festival

    The Mosel valley will become the Eldorado for bicyclers for the 17th year in a row, May 3, when roads between Cochem and Schweich belong to cyclists and walkers only. The 140-kilometer stretch will be closed to vehicle traffic between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., transforming this area into a recreational roadway. According to organ¬izers, more than 100,000
  • Team effort leads to successful exercise

    Putting together and moving all the pieces required for an exercise like from Germany to Bulgaria for "Reunion April 2009" is not something that happens by sheer luck. More than 200 Airmen from specialties ranging from communications to security forces helped ensure A-10 pilots and maintainers here had all of the support they needed to safely train
  • Law Day 2009: A legacy of liberty — Celebrating Lincoln’s bicentennial

    This year marks the bicentennial of the birth of one of the most influential presidents in United States history, Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln, who had a solid foundation in the law as a practicing attorney for many years before being elected president, wisely emphasized the legal process as a means of providing and protecting the rights we
  • Germans celebrate Labor Day with traditions

    There is a special reason not to leave things outside and to park the car in the garage the night from April 30 to May 1. It's "Witches Night," the night before "Tag der Arbeit" or Labor Day, a federal German holiday. The "witches," are town youngsters who play tricks on people who often make things disappear from one spot and show up somewhere
  • Easter traditions in Germany

    When the full moon appears in the sky for the first time after the start of spring, the next Sunday is time to celebrate Easter. For Christians throughout the world, this is one of the most important holidays of the year. And although church and religion no longer play such a great part in the everyday lives of most people, customs and practices
  • Step back in time at Rheinland open air museum

    Looking for insights into how people lived and worked in this rural area of Germany during the past 500 years? Then take the easy 90-kilometer drive north of Bitburg to the wonderful Rheinnischen Freilichtmuseum, Open Air Museum of the Rheinland. During our years of traveling, my wife and I have visited a number of other open air museums Sturbridge
  • Volksmarching: a perfect way to enjoy spring, make new friendships

    With spring temperatures rising, volksmarching is an ideal form of exercise for the whole family and an excellent way for Americans to get to see more of their host country while meeting their German neighbors. Volksmarching evolved from public running races sponsored by sporting clubs in southern Germany in the early 1960's. Competition was fierce
  • The history behind Sanchez Hall

    Everyone who has studied the Promotion Fitness Guide even a little bit should know something about Tech. Sgt. Sator "Sandy" Sanchez. March 15, was the 64th anniversary of Sergeant Sanchez's death. It is also the 43rd anniversary of efforts by 52nd FW Sabers to honor an Air Force hero; among one the most highly decorated Airmen of World War II. Born