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  • How to keep smiles healthy through Halloween

    As Halloween draws near, your child's head is most likely swirling with thoughts of ghostly ghouls, creepy costumes and gigantic treat bags. The potential risk for candy-coated cavities is likely the last thing on their minds.Cavities can be just as scary and real.Cavities occur because of repeated attacks from acid on tooth enamel. Cavity-causing
  • The value of a good NCO: Priceless

    This is my second time being assigned to the 606th Air Control Squadron. As I considered the direction I wanted to take in my career, I knew I wanted to come back to an air control squadron. When friends and colleagues asked me why, the answer was easy - because of the NCOs.Experience has led me to believe the world's finest Airmen are led by U.S.
  • Trick or treat safely

    To many Americans, Oct. 31 is known as a time to break out your best zombie costume or gorilla suit, or ruin your best bed sheet by making a ghost costume. However, to insurance companies and emergency responders, Halloween is known as the deadliest night of the year for pedestrians.According to the Center for Disease Control, child pedestrian
  • How to follow up after host-nation medical appointments

    Ever wonder what to do after a visit to a host-nation emergency room or a host-nation medical provider? What happens next? How will your doctor know about your medical concerns and how will the information get into your medical record? Patient liaison officers at the four local host-nation hospitals provide translation services to Sabers and their
  • A “roof” is kind of a big deal

    On May 17, 2012 my life changed--or let's just say my life in the Air Force began to change, because I was notified that I would soon get a "roof," my promotion to master sergeant.I was ecstatic; however, once the initial excitement wore off, I started to analyze this life-changing event and asked myself, "What does this really mean?" I began
  • School safety update

    We have successfully made it through our first week of school. Wing leadership wants to thank everyone in the community for taking an active role in our children's safety in even the simple act of getting our children to school. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue to adjust to our changing environment, heavier traffic flow
  • Don't become 'just another statistic'

    One of my least favorite things to do in the Air Force is to sit and watch a PowerPoint presentation that is stuffed full of statistics, graphs, and facts that I feel rarely pertain to me or my job. I used to think, "Who cares about how many dollars were saved by the reduction of traffic accidents or electrical fatalities in the Air Force?" Sadly,
  • Where is this castle?

    The picture was taken years ago, but it still shows up on people's computer monitors here. Burg Hohenzollern, located atop Mount Hohenzollern, is the castle shown in the picture. The mountain is a conical mountain among the the Swabian Alps, located in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in the southwest corner of Germany.Burg Hohenzollern consists of
  • Rules of the Road

    Each summer, hundreds of us take needed and well-deserved vacations. Some vacation alone, some with their friends, and many take their families. Long distance road trips can be a fun and exciting way to explore Europe and can be a great way to spend some quality time with your family or to simply reflect on your thoughts if you travel alone. If a
  • My job is prosecuting sexual assault

    Here's a simple truth ... sexual offenders reject our core values of integrity, service and excellence, in favor of following their own base, undisciplined, criminal desires. Most sexual assaults committed by Airmen are "blue on blue," or Airmen victimizing other Airmen. So in addition to rejecting our core values, these undisciplined Airmen reject