School safety update

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Travis Rush
  • 52nd Misison Support Group executive officer
We have successfully made it through our first week of school.

Wing leadership wants to thank everyone in the community for taking an active role in our children's safety in even the simple act of getting our children to school. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue to adjust to our changing environment, heavier traffic flow and new procedures for student drop off and pick up at the Spangdahlem Middle School.

We could never fully implement these changes successfully without the incredible teamwork of our teachers, parents and the entire Saber community.

The main reason for moving the drop off location to the medical clinic parking lot is to provide a safe drop off area that keeps children from having to cross streets to get to school. We cannot afford even a single injury to a child, so we ask for everyone in the Saber community to continue taking part in enforcing these simple changes and rules.

Here are some guidelines for everyone to consider:

- Think safety. When dropping off or picking up your child from the Spangdahlem Middle School, only use the designated drop off point in the medical clinic parking lot. Do not try to take short cuts and never make a drop off that requires your child to cross the street.

- Think tactical. All Saber warriors should remain vigilant no matter when or where you drive but think to increase your situational awareness when in high pedestrian or high traffic areas.

- Think leadership. Whether dropping your children off from school or simply passing by, set the example for others by following these rules.

Thanks once again to the teachers, parents and everyone in the community that has taken part in this process. We look forward to having a great school year with all of you.