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  • Snowboarding, skiing opportunities abundant for beginners, experts

    The mountains of Europe are well-known across the globe in the world of downhill winter sports. While stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base, servicemembers would be committing what some may consider a disservice if they overlooked the neighboring attraction during their entire tour.To take advantage of the nearby mountains, here are a few tips to
  • Worldwide slump reaches elf-conomy

    Small business owners, banks and department stores aren't the only ones taking a hit with the economic downturn. While things may be looking brighter for some, production at Santa Claus' North Pole has yet to rebound."We may not be in the best situation this year," said Santa Claus, "but we've been worse off in previous years, and we've been
  • Star singers bring holidays to doorsteps

    After Christmas, there is a visit and feast of the Three Magi, or "Heilige Drei Koenige" as the Germans call them. The event commemorates the journey of the Three Magi who brought gifts to the infant Jesus in Bethlehem. The visit of the Three Magi marks the end of the holiday season in Germany. In the 9th century, the legend of the Three Magi
  • Pet spa provides daytime care for pets

    The only Department of Defense kennel in U.S. Air Forces in Europe is located right here in the Eifel. The Pet Spa is located in Oberweis and offers a convenient program for busy Sabers and their pets.Doggy Day Care is comparable to a traditional children's day care. Busy dog owners can make an appointment to drop their dog off at the Pet Spa to be
  • Fashing preparation to begin in Germany

    Germany's biggest bash officially starts off on the 11 minute past the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, or 11:11p.m. Nov. 11. Thousands of Fashing clubs throughout the country will start preparing events, costume-balls, parades and Fashing parties for the coming season in February. The bigger German cities like Cologne, Duesseldorf,
  • Local children to honor Saint Martin

    Each November, local townspeople host a colorful torchlight procession in honor of St. Martin. St. Martin's Day is Nov. 11, but the dates for celebrations vary from town to town and sometimes take place days before or after. Germans celebrate St. Martin's Day with a procession where children carry candles or battery-operated lanterns through the
  • Suspicious events linked to werewolf activity

    Editor's note: The article below is completely fictional and written in the spirit of Halloween. The 52nd Security Forces Squadron is advising increased vigilance and operational awareness over this Halloween weekend due to recent, unexplained and seemingly linked cases. The possibility of increased werewolf activity has not yet been determined,
  • Base members assist with harvesting Eifel gold

    A group of approximately 50 Sabers, most of them assigned to the 52nd Medical Group, the 52nd Fighter Wing Chapel and the 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office, visited a local vintner's estate Oct. 17 in the Mosel community of Osann-Monzel to offer their assistance with the ongoing harvest there. The invitation was extended by Staff Sgt. Joseph
  • Nature preserve offers ample hiking, leisure activities

    With fall's arrival, Sabers may take in the changing season from green to yellows, orange and red as they hike through the woods along rocks and gorges, or simply take a leisurely stroll through the German-Luxembourg Nature Preserve located approximately 45 minutes away from the base. The preserve starts in Irrel, a German town located near the
  • Chaplain assistants celebrate 100th anniversary

    Sixty years ago Chaplain Charles Carpenter, the first U.S. Air Force chief of chaplains, saw the need to designate a career field for chaplain assistants. He envisioned the assistants as more than clerk-typists, as they were known for the last few decades, and recommended a specialized duty title for enlisted Airmen working for the