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  • Christmas markets mark beginning of holiday season

    This month Germany will turn into a winter wonderland when many cities begin setting up their traditional Weihnachtsmaerkte, or Christmas markets. Whether it is Nuernberg or Dudeldorf, the atmosphere is the same. Many people joyfully welcome the beginning of the holiday season. Most markets will open around Nov. 23 and stay open until shortly
  • 52 FW honors Saber Athletes of the Year

    Every year, each U.S. Air Forces in Europe base nominates a male and female athlete based on squadron contribution, exceptional physical fitness and sports participation. The 2010 Spangdahlem Athletes of the Year are Senior Airman Ryann Werner, 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron precision guided munitions crew member, and Senior Airman Gregory
  • 2010 ice skating season starts in Bitburg

    Ice skating continues to be a popular sport in Germany at this time of the year. It's a fun way to stay in good shape and spend time with friends and family. Two ice rinks can be found in the Eifel area, one of which is in Trier and the other right outside the base, in Bitburg. The Bitburg rink was opened to the public in 1982. The rink is now open
  • Sweet memories

    Parents and children from the Spangdahlem Homeschooling Group recently conducted a field trip to a local Mosel winery in Osann-Monzel where they helped the vintner and learned how to make apple cider.About 20 children from the Spangdahlem Homeschooling Group attended the trip to the Sailer-Cipolla winery, helped collect apples and learned how to
  • FOD fighters: keeping the flightline clean

    Two Airmen from Spangdahlem Air Base's 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron were recently sent to Graf Ignatievo Air Force Base, Bulgaria to support Operation Thracian Star by keeping a serious enemy of the 480th Fighter Squadron's F-16 Fighting Falcons off the flightline. The enemy is foreign object debris and the Airmen drive sweepers before and after
  • Halloween safety poem

    Sunday is All Hallows Eve, when children trick-or-treat,but don't forget the safety tips to keep them on their feet.The nights are dark and foggy and the children hard to see,they run about excitedly, maybe even in the street.Are their costumes brightly colored, so the children can be seen?And safe from trips or falls that might bring them to their
  • 5 things contracting squadron does for you

    In the hustle and bustle of our mission-oriented Air Force, it is easy to take for granted all the work happening behind the scenes to keep operations going - much of this work is accomplished by the 52nd Contracting Squadron."There are a lot of things we do behind the scenes that nobody knows about," said Elizabeth Garza, 52nd CONS assistant
  • Swiss adventure

    Two young men are baptized in a fountain of near-freezing cold water, old friends wave goodbye and new friends trade hugs and contact information. The group of approximately 50 then prays together before climbing into buses, vans, trains and rental cars to begin the long journey back home. This is the scene every Labor Day at the Kandersteg
  • Radar system supports Air Force mission

    The Air Force has some of the most devastating aerial weapon systems on the globe. The 52nd Communications Squadron supports that mission using radar to keep planes airborne.The 52nd Fighter Wing has two ground radar systems that monitor aircraft."The jets could not fly without coordination from the control tower provided by our radar systems,"
  • On the road again--the life of a 52 FW Inspector

    Senior Master Sgt. Dennis Peterson, 52nd Munitions Maintenance Group loading standardization superintendent, spends half of every month traveling to some of the various geographically separated units under the 52nd Fighter Wing.Sergeant Peterson's current job description entails oversight for weapons safety and maintenance, weapons loading and