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  • SARC: Not very puzzling, it’s really straight forward

    It was a Wednesday night and I had just finished watching the base volleyball championship games between the 702nd Munitions Maintenance Squadron and the 52nd Medical Group. The 52nd MDG won in the best two out of three games series to take the base championship title; Go Saber Medics! I walked back to the base launderette where I had started my
  • Leadership, good morale, welfare and discipline – no excuses

    Part of being a leader is ensuring standards are complied with. Everyday 99 percent of your flight, squadron, group and wing comply with Air Force Instruction's, standards and all other flight, squadron and wing level guidance -- all the time. Some do not. If the 99 percent see that 1 percent getting away with not following regulatory guidance, why
  • Read any good books lately?

    As a young lieutenant, I grew up in Strategic Air Command where a high value was placed on "knowing what the book says." This was an important starting point when confronted with a problem. It was a pre-requisite to finding an answer within your local chain of command before sending a message off the base to headquarters asking how to do something.
  • Reaching out on South American deployment

    Imagine a child who only has one meal a day, or one who spends hours in the dump looking for something to eat or sell. While these circumstances may seem unthinkable, my deployment to South America gives me the chance to combat this type of poverty on a daily basis. Two months ago, I deployed with Air Forces Southern to Forward Operating Location
  • Spouses bond together enhancing quality of life

    Although it is not Spouse Appreciation Month, it is always an appropriate time to show appreciation for those who stand by our side, enhancing our lives. Three of the main definitions of the word "appreciation" highlight how I feel toward the work done by the spouses group here. The most important definition is, "a rise in value." Our spouses are
  • Protecting the network

    In this day and age, war readiness is at the forefront of everything we do as members of the armed forces. We stay mentally and physically prepared through training, enhancing our skill as war fighters in the event we will be called to deploy and serve in austere locations. We check our equipment over and over so we know it will serve its purpose
  • NCOs: professional organizations need you

    Several times a year, during commander's calls or performance feedback sessions, we are all briefed on the importance of community involvement and how vital it is for each of us to support professional organizations. And, for the most part, we listen. Whether we simply attend meetings, are dues paying members or run for committee office, most of us
  • Two generations reflect on women's roles in home, at work

    My grandmother was born in 1924 and she turned 85 last year. She's a strong, outspoken woman who was raised in a small mid-western town. Grandma was the oldest of four and was expected to help with farm chores as well as raising her younger siblings. She married an equally independent man and helped him run his own business for many years, serving
  • Spangdahlem lt shares first-time marathon experience

    The first time I saw the Mediterranean Sea, I had been running for about 20 miles. I laboriously climbed a small hill and just over the peak of cement I could see palm trees dotting the vast carpet of sand and the slate gray sky blanketing the waves. I couldn't help but smile even though my quads and knees were literally on their last legs. "Only
  • AGE streamlines using AFSO 21

    What is the first thought that comes to mind, that first emotion you feel when you hear the words, Air Force Smart Operations 21 or AFSO 21? Is it pain, agony, despair? Do you think "what a complete waste of time?" I thought and felt all of those things when I heard those words. As a 20-year master sergeant, I was skeptical about what AFSO 21 could