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  • Key to mission success is in your hands

    Chances are your hands are what you use most in your daily tasks whether it's performing ID card checks, weapon checks, typing at a computer or maintaining aircraft. We even use them when we greet one another. Because of this our hands are also the primary way we spread disease. In fact, throughout military history, more troops have been lost to
  • Explore the Eifel offers unique travel experiences

    Spangdahlem Air Base is called 'the center of the universe' by many past commanders. There are literally dozens of amazing European destinations mere hours by car, train or plane from here. It would be a shame to spend your two to four years in the Eifel stuck on base or in your house. But what about the smaller, closer trips you can take? Did you
  • Sabers meet Ozzy Osbourne

    All aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa! As I was sitting at work on a Thursday evening, my supervisor informed me he needed two people from our office to go to an Ozzy Osbourne concert the following day to provide media coverage. Of course my hand instantly shot up and I was told that my responsibility was to enjoy the concert and write a story on it
  • Overcoming tragedy: A small town reaches out

    On May 26, 2011, our squadron received the horrible news about Staff Sgt. Joe Hamski, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordinance disposal craftsman, who recently made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. Joe's death was especially tough for us because his wife Christina is also an Air Force staff sergeant and superstar member of our
  • Summer is critical time for safety awareness

    We are about to enter the 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign that begins on Memorial Day and lasts until Labor Day. This time frame is referred to as the "Critical Days" because of the substantial increase in off-duty mishaps experienced during this period. Traditionally, Air Force mishap numbers are higher during these 101 days because of the
  • Saber Drinking: The "three beliefs"

    There is no avoiding it or hiding it, Spangdahlem Air Base has a driving-under-the-influence problem. We have all heard about it through commander's calls, friends at work, or reading it in the Saber E-Herald. Unfortunately, some of us have experienced it firsthand. Either way, Spangdahlem has a higher percentage rate of DUIs when compared to other
  • Photographer's insight: Personal experiences at Eifel Thunder 2011

    "I love you, Trey," I said."Gaahh," my 2-month-old son said with a big smile on his face while squeezing the blood circulation out of my index finger and rapidly kicking his fat little legs as if he was running a marathon.I could feel a couple of tears slowly trickling down my cheeks like rain drops on a windshield before I kissed my wife goodbye
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    Sexual assault quite often becomes the elephant in the room -- we all know it exists, but we don't like talking about it. I know hearing the same statistics over and over gets old, but if you take a second to absorb them, it can be quite sobering. "Of female sexual assault victims, 73 percent were assaulted by someone they knew. Thirty-eight
  • Flying with our furry friends: PCS nightmare made easy

    I cannot say that making a permanent-change-of-station move for anyone is ever an easy task; but in my situation, I'm lucky to not have to make arrangements for a spouse, children and an entire household of belongings. I keep it simple - It's just me, a few pieces of furniture and Cooper the Beagle. While the rest of a PCS may be uncomplicated and
  • Hurts one, affects all

    In relationships, sexual and otherwise, respect means listening and carefully considering the other's feelings and wants. Trust means there is confidence and the expectation that one person will not harm the other.U.S. Air Forces in Europe bases are taking part in an awareness campaign in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This year's theme