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  • 23rd FS provides DUI-free insight

    The 23rd Fighter Squadron reached a milestone in December 2008, and the squadron has continued to build upon that milestone since then. On Dec. 8, 2008, the 23rd FS Fighting Hawks counted 2,323 days since their last incident of driving under the influence. Almost a year later, as of Dec. 3, the 23rd FS has reached 2,686 days and counting without
  • November Saber Salutes

    Congratulations to the following Sabers for their achievements:U.S. Air Forces in Europe Clements McMullen Memorial Daedalian Weapon System Maintenance Trophy winner52nd Maintenance GroupWing Staff Agency Third Quarter Award WinnersCompany grade officer: Chaplain (Capt.) Gary Willeford, 52nd Fighter Wing ChapelSenior NCO: Senior Master Sgt. Bret
  • Sabers who drive safely can avoid becoming a statistic

    Quarterly flight safety meetings are full of information from campfires to automobiles. Everywhere you look, someone is throwing the word "safe" in your face. Why? Those in the safety business are taught to ask "Why?" several times. For example, why is safety omnipresent in everything the Air Force does? There may be reasons behind the
  • Spangdahlem hosts CDDAR Training

    It has been said it takes a thousand Airmen, with almost as many different skill sets, to get an aircraft into the air for a sortie; but most people don't know what it takes to lift an aircraft after it has crashed or become otherwise disabled. There are Airmen here who know exactly what needs to be done if such an unfortunate event occurs. The 52
  • Combat Comm provides crucial capabilities

    The phrase "communication is key" is used so often not many people stop to think about how important it really is. During a deployment to Romania for Operation Dacian Thunder, members of the 81st Fighter Squadron and its supporting units enlisted the help of the 1st Combat Communications Squadron, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, to keep them connected
  • 81st FS conducts combined training with Romanian air force

    The 81st Fighter Squadron has teamed up with the Romanian Air Force to conduct training and exchange perspectives to help boost mission capabilities and foster collaboration among NATO partners. About 250 Airmen and five A-10 Thunderbolt IIs from the 52nd Fighter Wing are part of Dacian Thunder, a combined training exercise with the Romanian air
  • Energy campaign strives for reduction in consumption

    The U.S. uses more energy than any other country in the world, according to Energy Information Administration official energy statistics from the U.S. government, also amounting to more energy consumption that all European countries combined. To decrease the amount of energy expended, U.S. Air Forces in Europe kicked off a year-long campaign to
  • Units undergo ATSEP, SEPWO

    As the most-inspected wing in the Air Force, the 52nd Fighter Wing again underwent an evaluation Oct. 19-23 - this time the overall air traffic system was under the microscope. Various units on base, such as weather, the civil engineer squadron, safety, airspace management and a number of others, were evaluated on their support of the flight