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Off Duty
  • Task force aims to make Sabers ‘SAFER’

    Due to increasing numbers of alcohol-related occurrences and incidents of driving under the influence of alcohol, base leadership is searching for ways to keep Sabers safe on and off the road. But, how do you prevent Airmen of all ranks from making poor decisions when under the influence of alcohol? A multitude of measures were implemented in an
  • CGOC not extinct; organization offers networking, fellowship

    Leadership, officership and friendship bring daily challenges that are sometimes hard to grapple with in the Air Force for young officers, especially at Spangdahlem Air Base. The high operations tempo and scroll of upcoming inspections and exercises make finding the time and resources to flex our professional development muscles challenging. Saber
  • Spangdahlem Airman stirs up competition

    The Airman paced about the kitchen with speed and efficiency, racing from the oven to the grill and back to his workstation. He had only 90 minutes to create a masterpiece that had to include four main ingredients: pork, lettuce, spinach and sweet potatoes. Airman 1st Class Jason Sugimoto was selected to represent Spangdahlem Air Base at the U.S.
  • Sabers snag first place in Rodenbach

    The Spangdahlem Saber Cycling Club teamed up with the Spangdahlem Varsity Cycling Team to compete in the fifth race of the U.S. Forces Europe Mountain Bike Championship series in Rodenbach, Germany. "Since we've started racing we've been the largest team at every event and the team that wins the most," said Hector Rodriguez Spangdahlem Saber
  • Stay vigilant

    As a result of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, the Air Force implemented an antiterrorism program called "Eagle Eyes," which is run by the Air Force Office of Special Investigation. Much like a neighborhood watch program, the Eagle Eyes program is an Air Force-wide watch program that educates people on observable activities and what to do if they
  • Sabers strike a pose

    Think you are 'all of that and a bag of chips' or do you just have a silent self confidence that makes you stand out from the crowd? If so the upcoming Brick House "Top Model" competition might be right up your alley. "It doesn't matter if you are short or tall, thin or full figured, anyone can be a model," said Theresa Madison, Eifel Community