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Off Duty
  • Spangdahlem Air Base keeps students safe

    Spangdahlem Air Base has implemented designated snow routes to get children to school safely. Schools will amend routes when weather conditions are too dangerous to drive on non-priority roads and busses cannot get through"Throughout Germany, the rule of thumb during inclement weather is to stick to A- and B-priority roads, like the Autobahn and
  • Sabers attend movie convention at Club Eifel

    The fifth annual Spangdahlem Star Wars convention took place Nov. 5 at Club Eifel here.More than 500 Saber Airmen and their families participated in the event, which included games, prizes, movie showings and visits by guests costumed as film characters, such as Imperial Stormtroopers, bounty hunters, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.Event
  • Spangdahlem host interactive alcohol awareness class

    Germany is known for its fast roads and beer. If you're like me, you've enjoyed your fair share of both. However, we've made some mistakes in the past and had far too many instances where we tried to combine the two. Let's change that. The Culture of Responsibility Success Team will be presenting a class to help address this issue on Sept. 9 at 4
  • Past meets present at Manderscheid castle festival

    A historic castle celebration takes place Aug. 27-28 at the Manderscheid health resort, located near the ruins of two fortresses in the center of the Eifel region.At the Turnierweise jousting meadow at the foot of the Niederburg, or lower castle, a group of knights from Duesseldorf will battle with lances, swords, bows and spears. They demonstrate
  • Outdoor recreation takes military members on adventure trips

    From rock climbing on the red sandstone cliffs in Wasgau, to scuba diving in Holland, the outdoor recreation office here offers anyone with a valid identification card or pass who can access the base the opportunity to experience outdoor adventures throughout Europe. In addition to the many adventure trips throughout Europe, outdoor recreation also