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  • Important fuel-card tips

    The following information includes tips on the usage of fuel cards derived from the Library of Army in Europe Publications and Forms Web site. Ration Amounts Each vehicle registered or listed with the U.S. Forces Registry of Motor Vehicles has its own long-term ration card and ration allowance that can only be used for that vehicle. The Army and
  • Pigfest to attract people from far and near

    Festival season is in full swing throughout Germany. Wine festivals occur everywhere along the Mosel River and in the Eifel area. There are tourists from Holland, Belgium, England and across the world are flocking to the area to enjoy the summer here. Several federal states in Germany just started school break, and many people will explore the
  • Be vigilant during Wittlich Pig Fest

    The Wittlich Saeubrennerkirmes, or pig festival, is this weekend, and many Sabers and their families will head out to enjoy this unique German festival. Demonstrators will also be on hand to protest the slaughtering of animals for the meat industry. "Save Animals" is planning a demonstration for 3 p.m. Aug. 15., the same time the town is scheduled
  • Task force aims to make Sabers ‘SAFER’

    Due to increasing numbers of alcohol-related occurrences and incidents of driving under the influence of alcohol, base leadership is searching for ways to keep Sabers safe on and off the road. But, how do you prevent Airmen of all ranks from making poor decisions when under the influence of alcohol? A multitude of measures were implemented in an
  • Sabers snag first place in Rodenbach

    The Spangdahlem Saber Cycling Club teamed up with the Spangdahlem Varsity Cycling Team to compete in the fifth race of the U.S. Forces Europe Mountain Bike Championship series in Rodenbach, Germany. "Since we've started racing we've been the largest team at every event and the team that wins the most," said Hector Rodriguez Spangdahlem Saber