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  • F-16 drawdown to begin

    Six F-16 Fighting Falcons will depart Spangdahlem Air Base April 27, the first step for the 52nd Fighter Wing in the Combat Air Forces Restructuring plan that is expected to save the Air Force approximately $355 million in fiscal year 2010 and $3.5 billion during the next five fiscal years.An additional six aircraft are scheduled to depart the base
  • Awareness month sheds light on STD testing, prevention

    The old cliché that what you see is what you get is not always the case. With sexual relationships, what you can't see can actually harm your body, which is the basis for Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month in April. Throughout the month, emphasis is placed on ensuring people have the facts to protect themselves and their partners, as well
  • Sealants good investment in healthy smile

    Dentists continue to treat tooth decay with improved methods of prevention. One tool dentists use to prevent tooth decay is dental sealant, a plastic material applied to chewing surfaces of adult teeth, molars and premolars. The sealant forms a protective barrier over teeth, prohibiting a sticky film of bacteria called plaque from accumulating on
  • Saber Spouse 1 nominated for spouse of year

    Mara Wight, wife of 52nd Figher Wing Commander Col. Tip Wight, has been nominated for the Military Spouse of the Year award.Mrs. Wight has been a military spouse for 26 years. In the past year, she has contributed more than 1,600 hours to 52nd FW activities, generated U.S. Air Forces in Europe's first Spouses' Calls and spouses' wing Web site, and
  • Shadow Day offers insight to Eifel students

    Job Shadow Day is a nationwide event dedicated to giving students an opportunity to "shadow" a parent or a mentor at the workplace during the course of a duty day. The purpose of Job Shadow Day is to help students explore career options, while making a connection between the school and workplace. In addition, students gain insight into academic,
  • 52nd DS to promote children’s dental health

    To recognize National Children's Dental Health Month in February, the 52nd Dental Squadron will host various events throughout the month to promote dental health. The 52nd DS recommends helping children maintain healthy teeth and gums by encouraging them to limit sugary snacks and brush and floss at least once per day. They also encourage parents
  • A&FRC provides emergency family assistance during crises

    Nearly every organization has a plan for a crisis, often in the form of checklists, to prepare and guide Airmen in the proper course of action for various situations. The Airman & Family Readiness Center has their own program to ensure families also have resources available and ready during a crisis.When an incident occurs, the Emergency Family
  • 23rd FS provides DUI-free insight

    The 23rd Fighter Squadron reached a milestone in December 2008, and the squadron has continued to build upon that milestone since then. On Dec. 8, 2008, the 23rd FS Fighting Hawks counted 2,323 days since their last incident of driving under the influence. Almost a year later, as of Dec. 3, the 23rd FS has reached 2,686 days and counting without
  • Servicemembers, civilians join in Luxembourg to honor veterans

    Servicemembers, American and Luxembourg civilians, families and veterans stepped into the cold from their warm vehicles Nov. 11 to pay tribute to members of the armed forces during a Veterans Day ceremony at the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial. The cold those people felt bundled in layers and wearing gloves as they wandered among the