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  • Energy campaign strives for reduction in consumption

    The U.S. uses more energy than any other country in the world, according to Energy Information Administration official energy statistics from the U.S. government, also amounting to more energy consumption that all European countries combined. To decrease the amount of energy expended, U.S. Air Forces in Europe kicked off a year-long campaign to
  • Units undergo ATSEP, SEPWO

    As the most-inspected wing in the Air Force, the 52nd Fighter Wing again underwent an evaluation Oct. 19-23 - this time the overall air traffic system was under the microscope. Various units on base, such as weather, the civil engineer squadron, safety, airspace management and a number of others, were evaluated on their support of the flight
  • Sabers fall back for DST

    The end of daylight saving time is just around the corner, waiting to give Sabers an extra hour of snooze time - or so it feels like when daylight saving time ends in the fall. Oct. 25 marks the end of daylight saving time, as those in the region turn their clocks from 3 a.m. to 2 a.m. Or, if people aren't keen on waking up at 3 a.m. to change the
  • Class 09-8 graduates ALS

    The Pitsenbarger Airman Leadership School hosted a graduation ceremony for class 09-8 Sept. 29 at Club Eifel. After five weeks of education and training, each graduate was equipped with the knowledge needed to assume the responsibilities that come with being a supervisor in the Air Force. As a class, the Airmen of 09-8 also supported their local
  • Spangdahlem's economic impact to the Eifel

    As many economies worldwide continue to weather a tough recession and cope with the challenges of unemployment, Spangdahlem Air Base continues to positively impact the Eifel region's economy. This economic effect is founded on the sheer number of people tied to the base. The 52nd Fighter Wing is the home to more than 14,000 personnel who work and