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  • F-16 drawdown to begin

    Six F-16 Fighting Falcons will depart Spangdahlem Air Base April 27, the first step for the 52nd Fighter Wing in the Combat Air Forces Restructuring plan that is expected to save the Air Force approximately $355 million in fiscal year 2010 and $3.5 billion during the next five fiscal years.An additional six aircraft are scheduled to depart the base
  • Awareness month sheds light on STD testing, prevention

    The old cliché that what you see is what you get is not always the case. With sexual relationships, what you can't see can actually harm your body, which is the basis for Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month in April. Throughout the month, emphasis is placed on ensuring people have the facts to protect themselves and their partners, as well
  • 52nd CS contributes to downrange capabilities

    More troops to Afghanistan is the common theme of newspaper and TV headlines lately. Since President Obama's renewed commitment to send an additional 30,000 troops to the war-torn country, there has been an increased tempo to get necessary equipment and supplies to our Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers and Marines downrange. The large influx has triggered
  • GSU represents heritage in own ‘frontier’

    If you visited Kuhl Beans during the holiday season, you may have noticed a red stocking with "470 ABS" hung with the rest of the unit stockings and wondered what that unit was. Or, if you attended an Airman Leadership School graduation and heard someone yell "470th" followed by a hollering "TATANKA," you may have wondered what that meant.The 470th
  • Space men touch down at Spangdahlem

    Crew members from NASA's STS-129 mission to the International Space Station visited Spangdahlem Air Base Feb. 4 as part of an Armed Forces Entertainment tour focusing on military communities in the region.The crew, which journeyed to the space station in November aboard space shuttle Atlantis for an 11-day mission, consisted of Marine Col. Charlie
  • Retiree rewarded for 43 years of service

    Not very many things symbolize dedication like spending the majority of a lifetime in service to the U.S. government. Dedication was something Helga Bialluch demonstrated for more than 43 years working in the 52nd Fighter Wing before retiring Jan. 29.Some of her accomplishments include being selected to represent the 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron at