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  • BHS students excel in DoDDS competition

    Twelve Bitburg High School students have earned first place awards in the European Senior Level at the recent DoDD's-Europe National History Day contest in Heidelberg. National History Day started in Cleveland in 1974 with the goal of reinvigorating the teaching and learning of history; it became a

  • Leadership answers meetings during town hall meetings

    Millions of dollars are flowing into Spangdahlem's military family housing to support the growing mission and base population. The 52Nd Civil Engineer Squadron is committed to not only rebuilding, but recreating a neighborhood friendly housing community. The first phase of the housing construction

  • Spangdahlem extending medical care to Bitburg Annex

    When the Bitburg Annex Hospital closes July 1, the 52nd Fighter Wing will have extended-care clinics using local German hospitals, to care for the medical needs of more than 19,000 servicemembers, civilians and their families. "In all reality, for most of our patients, they will see virtually no

  • 52nd MDG shares Avian Influenza information

    What is bird flu (avian influenza)? Bird flu --avian influenza--is an infection caused by avian (bird) influenza (flu) viruses, such as influenza A (H5N1) subtype. Influenza A infection occurs mainly in wild birds worldwide, which carry the viruses in their intestines, but usually do not get sick

  • Whiteman Reserve unit teams up with Spangdahlem pilots

    The Reserve's 442nd Fighter Wing is once again partnering with the 81st Fighter Squadron from Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. Twenty pilots from the 81st FS, part of the 52nd FW, started flying with the 442nd FW at Whiteman AFB in February and will continue through the beginning of May. "It's a

  • Spangdahlem driver course teaches Airmen to keep control

    New steps toward driving safety are being taken here to keep Airmen in control when behind the wheel. The Spangdahlem Air Base safety office is taking the next step in keeping USAFE Airmen safe on the road by installing the new Skid Monster Driving System on two vehicles they are using as part of

  • USAFE officials forge relations with Russian air force

    Twenty years ago the idea of Russian and U.S. Air Force leaders flying together and exchanging ideas was almost implausible. That implausibility is now a reality -- one focused on cooperation and bilateral relations. Top Russian air force leaders visited U.S. Air Forces in Europe March 20 to 23 to

  • Drinking safely: what you should know, do

    Did you know ... * You can die from drinking too much? * A certain blood alcohol level can put you in a coma? * Binge drinking is common, but deadly? * Substance abuse has a negative impact on both you and the mission? Einstein once said, "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius

  • 52nd FW/JA debunks DUI, ARI myths

    At the legal office, we frequently advise commanders and first sergeants when one of their Airmen is caught driving under the influence or is involved in an alcohol-related incident. Recently, we noticed that members of the Saber population are receiving advice from "barracks lawyers" that is a