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  • Spangdahlem driver course teaches Airmen to keep control

    New steps toward driving safety are being taken here to keep Airmen in control when behind the wheel. The Spangdahlem Air Base safety office is taking the next step in keeping USAFE Airmen safe on the road by installing the new Skid Monster Driving System on two vehicles they are using as part of the new base driving course. "What the Skid Monster
  • USAFE officials forge relations with Russian air force

    Twenty years ago the idea of Russian and U.S. Air Force leaders flying together and exchanging ideas was almost implausible. That implausibility is now a reality -- one focused on cooperation and bilateral relations. Top Russian air force leaders visited U.S. Air Forces in Europe March 20 to 23 to discuss cooperative efforts and exchange ideas on
  • Drinking safely: what you should know, do

    Did you know ... * You can die from drinking too much? * A certain blood alcohol level can put you in a coma? * Binge drinking is common, but deadly? * Substance abuse has a negative impact on both you and the mission? Einstein once said, "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius knows its limits." Remember that the next time you
  • 52nd FW/JA debunks DUI, ARI myths

    At the legal office, we frequently advise commanders and first sergeants when one of their Airmen is caught driving under the influence or is involved in an alcohol-related incident. Recently, we noticed that members of the Saber population are receiving advice from "barracks lawyers" that is a little off the mark. The 52nd Fighter Wing legal
  • Air Force Aid Society helps Airman during time of need

    It must be March again, the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament, March Madness is in full swing. The Daytona 500 just finished with the anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's death. Baseball spring training started and spring arrives soon. These are all reminders that my daughter, Abby's birthday is here. Many of you know I have three
  • Former Saber attends AF Prep Academy

    She just scraped by at her high school in Atlanta. She failed 50 percent of her classes her senior year; graduating at the bottom of her class in 2004. After joining the Air Force, she turned her life around and now this former 52nd Fighter Wing command post controller is attending the Air Force Academy Preparatory School with what could be the
  • New program lets Airmen speak their mind

    A group of Airmen and USAF civilians are being invited to become the Air Force's Internal Communication Assessment Group, called the ICAG. Internal communication refers to how the Air Force delivers information to Airmen and USAF civilians. Senior Air Force leaders want to know Airmen's interests, opinions, and preferences on receiving Air Force