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  • Ready set cook, 52nd SVS hosts Iron Chef contest

    Airmen at Spangdahlem Air Base can put their culinary skills to the test competing head to head for the title of base Iron Chef. The Iron Chef competition, a new ongoing event hosted by the 52nd Services Squadron Mosel Dining Facility, gives three Airmen the opportunity to show what they can do in the kitchen. Contestants are provided a surprise
  • 'SOAR' to commission with ROTC

    Airmen who want to advance their military career should consider Scholarships for Outstanding Airmen to ROTC, or SOAR. "The SOAR program is a tremendous opportunity for our Airmen today," said Col. Thomas Feldhausen, 52nd Fighter Wing vice commander. "It is an opportunity to receive a commission in the Air Force. It is an opportunity that is not
  • Making smart 'Saber Choices'

    Recently, the 52nd Fighter Wing commander described the clear reasons for "Saber Choices" the 52nd FW's commitment to the USAF's Culture of Responsible Choices campaign. Irresponsible drinking has led to suicides, sexual assaults, domestic violence and nearly half of the fatal motor vehicle accidents the Air Force experiences each year. An entire
  • 52nd MXG do more with less

    In times of budget cuts and reduced manning, Airmen are seeking out innovative ways to streamline their processes through the Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century Program. For members of the 52nd Maintenance Group, taking advantage of the AFSO21 concept is an important part of managing their manning cuts since a third of the maintenance
  • Sabers focus upcoming events

    Members of the 52nd Fighter Wing gathered April 16-18 to hear the words of the base commander as he discussed the wing's priorities and the road ahead. "During this busy time it is important for us to not become distracted from our priorities of preparing to fight, fighting to win and taking care of one another," said Col. Darryl Roberson, 52nd FW
  • Celebrating our religious freedom

    One of the primary reasons for the forming of the original 13 colonies was the desire for religious freedom. Having left a country with an established national church, the founding fathers knew the importance of making sure that would not happen in the newly founded United States. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, "Congress shall
  • 52nd DS helps simplify off-base dental care

    Big changes are coming soon to the 52nd Medical Group here. Although the dental squadron is committed to the highest levels of care for all the members of the 52nd Fighter Wing, the upcoming deployments, facility modifications and personnel changes will likely have an impact on the amount of care we offer to non-active duty beneficiaries. We look