Our Mission: Promoting and vocalizing the Air Force’s commitment to eliminate sexual assaults by way of training, education and awareness, prevention, victim advocacy, the facilitation of compassionate response to our clients at Spangdahlem AB and six geographically separated units within Europe. 

You are NOT alone. Let us help you. We are just a phone call (DSN 452-7272), a visit (Bldg. 318, 2nd Floor) or email away at 52fw.sarcsexualassaultresponsecoordinator@us.af.mil


If you are Assaulted

  • Go to a safe location away from the perpetrator.

  • Call 911 on-base/112 off-base if you are in an emergency situation or need immediate medical attention.

  • Contact the SAPR team at DSN: 452-7272 or Comm: 656561-7272 for 24 hour support.

Mandatory Reporters

Who are mandatory reporters?

*First Sergeants and CC’s are ALWAYS mandatory reporters

*Supervisors are mandatory reporters for individuals that they rate on.  So, if someone discloses a sexual assault to a SNCO that is not directly in their own chain that SNCO is NOT a mandatory reported in that case. 

Who are NOT mandatory reporters?

  • Chaplains

  • SAPR*

  • Volunteer Victim Advocates* (If someone is a supervisor and a Volunteer Victim Advocate – They are NOT a mandatory reporter and will follow appropriate SAPR notification protocol)  

  • Mental Health personnel*

*If a victim has vocalized their thoughts of harm to them self or others, these agencies are required to report.

Got Consent

“Got Consent?” Is a collaborative training event for FTAC Airmen conducted by the SAPR office, Judge Advocate (JA) office, and the Spangdahlem Chapel.  The training starts out with a guided discussion on consent, alcohol, communication, and the legal process for sexual assault cases. Next, the Airmen get to witness what a Court Martial looks like firsthand by serving as jury members during a mock trial. 

Special “Got Consent?” trainings can be coordinated for individual squadrons or sub-groups upon request.  Please contact the SAPR office at DSN 452-6524 to set up a class.


want to become a VA?

What is a Victim Advocate (VA)?

Victim Advocates are a key part of client care, response, and education.  Duties include, but are not limited to:  Providing reporting options and referrals, obtaining medical care, providing crisis intervention, accompaniment through the investigation and judicial processes of an assault, and more.  If needed, they are the emotional support for the client.   

Who can be a Victim Advocate?

Active duty military must be E-4 and above and at least 21 years of age for enlisted and a minimum of O-2 for officers.  DoD civilians must be in the grade of GS-07 or higher.  Individuals must have zero record of disciplinary actions in the past 5 years.  (Those on G-series orders, Chief Master Sergeants, First Sergeants, assigned to JA/EO/IG/HC/SFS/OSI and some departments of the medical center are not eligible to serve as victim advocates).

How to become a Victim Advocate:

Applicants will need to complete a written application, undergo a local background check, obtain a signed statement of understanding by their supervision, complete an interview with a SAPR staff member, and attend a 40 hour victim advocate course. 

If you are interested in becoming a VA or would like further information, please contact the SAPR office at DSN:  314-452-6524.





SAPR - Safe Helpline

DOD Safe Helpline

Helping Agencies

  • Spangdahlem AB Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
  • 24/7 SARC Hotline: DSN: 452-7272 or COMM: +49 0656561 7272
  • Office (non-emergency) phone: DSN: 452-6524 or COMM: +49 0656561 6524
  • DoD Safe Helpline: 1-877-995-5247
  • Military OneSource: 1-800-342-9647
  • Mental Health: 452-8285
  • Chaplain: 452-6711
  • 52 FW Command Post: 452-6141
  • Family Advocacy: 452-8279
  • Airman & Family Readiness: 452-6422
  • Office of Special Investigations: 452-6291
  • Ramstein Special Victim’s Counsel: 314-478-4782