Get Fun Answers to European Cultural Challenges

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  • By 010913
Getting stationed overseas brings all sorts of challenges, from the language barrier, to different customs and laws. To help ease the pain, AFN Spangdahlem launched Ask the Eagle, a series of fun videos that may remind you of the series "Mythbusters."

One example is "How to Use a German Washer and Dryer." Everything in Germany is in, well, German; including appliances. So, after you've gone by the housing office to borrow some appliances for your new home, you'll quickly notice that setting a spin cycle on your washer isn't as easy as you thought. Another segment covers "How to Get an ESSO Card," to get Stateside fuel rates on base or off-base at ESSO stations while "How to Ride the German Train System" makes it easy to overcome the language barrier to take the rail in Germany.

Senior Airman Evan Mills, the Ask the Eagle producer got one idea for a segment from his own personal misfortune. "I've had to replace an X-Box because I didn't understand what to look for when dealing with voltage." Check out the video on mistakenly frying your electronics, comment on segments, or suggest ideas for future videos at