Spangdahlem hosts Polish Air Forces, Slovenian Armed Forces

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A group of Polish and Slovenian maintainers are visiting Spangdahlem Air Base Nov. 17-21 to observe maintenance procedures on the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

"This is an opportunity for Spangdahlem Airmen to share their knowledge and experience with our allies as well as learn from them," said Capt. Michael Snead, Theater Security Cooperation manager for U.S. Air Forces in Europe, International Logistics Branch.

The visit falls under the Theater Security Cooperation, which exists to encourage teamwork between the U.S. and its allies. The Polish Air Forces are visiting to gain insight into efficient maintenance practice and procedures from an allied perspective.

The Slovenian Armed Forces is also sending members to become more proficient in aircraft maintenance as it is in the process of transforming its air component as part of its NATO force goals.

Some of the specific areas the Polish Air Forces and Slovenian Armed Forces are interested in observing while at Spangdahlem include: spare parts management and storage, interaction and synchronization between maintenance personnel, the role of the maintenance group commander, and daily, common recurring challenges the support group experiences.

This visit also serves as an opportunity for the U.S. Air Force and its allies to continue joining forces to combat global terrorism by exchanging information using efficient streamlined procedures.

Spangdahlem Air Base welcomes members of the media to meet personnel from both the Polish Air Forces and Slovenian Armed Forces regarding their visit. Media who wish to film or interview personnel should contact the 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs at 06565-61-6012 for meeting time and location.