Suspicious events linked to werewolf activity

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Clay Murray
  • 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Editor's note: The article below is completely fictional and written in the spirit of Halloween. 

The 52nd Security Forces Squadron is advising increased vigilance and operational awareness over this Halloween weekend due to recent, unexplained and seemingly linked cases. The possibility of increased werewolf activity has not yet been determined, but security forces has hinted that this may be the cause. The following is a list of events that recently occurred in the region: 

Suspicious activity: A spouse of a 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Airman living in the Bitburg area reported late-night suspicious activity to the security control center. The complainant described scratching noises and growling accompanied by an animal disturbance at the farm next door. When the individual investigated with lantern in hand, the noises stopped. The next day the complainant claimed to find large dog-like tracks and holes in chicken coops. 

Damage to government property: A 22nd Fighter Squadron Airman residing in a Spangdahlem dormitory reported cases of damage to government property. The Airman described two sets of deep gashes in series of four parallel marks in a dormitory door on the second floor. Railing in front of the door had been beaten or kicked, as well as scratched. The Airmen also reported hearing howling during the night that stopped when the sun came up. 

Assault: A 726th Air Mobility Squadron Airman reported to the security control center that he was assaulted by an unknown creature while jogging late at night. The individual claimed he was attacked from the back. The runner could not see the attacker or fight back while pinned face down, but noticed the attacker was unusually hairy. Oncoming traffic caused the creature to flee toward the installation fence line. The victim was assisted by the driver and transported to the 52nd Medical Group for cuts and scratches to the face and back. He is also undergoing a werewolf-preventative treatment. The suspect has not been found. 

POV damage: A 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron technical sergeant was reporting to work early in the morning for an alarm malfunction in his work building when an unusually large and wolf-like animal struck the front and side of his vehicle. The individual navigated over to the side of the B50 to inspect damage to the front right of the vehicle and took photos of bumper, light fixture, wheel well and fender damage, as well as dark fur and blood remains. While waiting for a tow truck to haul the totaled vehicle, the individual reported hearing "painful howling noises" coming from the forested area near the road. No animal carcass was found. 

These events are few of the many suspicious occurrences in recent days. People are advised to stay indoors until signs of werewolf activity are no longer present. 

To identify possible werewolves in their human form during the day, keep watch for someone who often walks through the cemetery, experiences extreme thirst, or has excessive hair, an unpleasant odor or gradually-changing skin color. 

To report cases of possible werewolf activity, please call the Eifel Werewolf Hunter and Tracker Association.