Travel Medicine Clinic ‘first aid’ when traveling abroad

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Marie Lemond
  • 52nd Aerospace Medical Squadron Travel Medicine Clinic
Sabers venturing outside Germany can help solidify a safe and healthy vacation by visiting the 52nd Aerospace Medical Squadron Travel Medicine Clinic before leaving town. When traveling internationally, conditions both natural and man-made may be significantly different from those in Germany and may seriously affect health and personal security. Standards of hygiene may be different in many countries, and food and water could possibly be contaminated.

International travel can be challenging if you are not prepared - exciting destinations, exotic foods and engaging customs can lead to disease, illness, crime and injury. These events can happen to even the most experienced traveler without warning. The Travel Medicine Clinic can help plan for the unexpected.

Good health on an international trip is as important as buying tickets or obtaining a Visa and passport. That is why the 52nd AMDS Travel Medicine Clinic's mission is to provide information, travel vaccines and travel medications for the international traveler.

Call or stop by today
The Travel Medicine Clinic has both walk-ins and appointments. Customers can call to schedule an appointment at most 30 days prior at DSN 452-8401. A public health technician will provide all relevant safety and health information for travel locations. The travel medicine clinic will provide a personalized health and safety packet and schedule one-on-one consultation with a travel medicine provider. Travelers will receive information and education about health risks, preventative measures for diseases and any necessary preventive vaccines or immunizations.
· Take care of all routine medical needs with a Primary Care Manager before departure
· Get prescription refills to cover the duration of the trip
· Contact International SOS at 00-44-20-8726-8133 for assistance in locating emergency care while traveling
· Pack your Tricare Europe Health Care Passport

It is recommended you bring the following information when visiting the 52nd AMDS Travel Medicine Clinic:
· Travel plans, including destination, time frame, age of travelers, mode of transportation
· Documentation of previous immunizations
· Health history

The State Department's Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management administers the Consular Information Program that informs the public about conditions abroad that may affect safety and security. Country specific information, travel alerts and travel warnings are vital parts of this program. Visit for more information or contact the 52nd AMDS Travel Medicine Clinic at DSN 452-8401/8751 or The office is open to all Tricare eligible beneficiaries.