Halloween safety poem

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Anthony Blodgett
  • 52nd Fighter Wing Safety office
Sunday is All Hallows Eve, when children trick-or-treat,
but don't forget the safety tips to keep them on their feet.

The nights are dark and foggy and the children hard to see,
they run about excitedly, maybe even in the street.

Are their costumes brightly colored, so the children can be seen?
And safe from trips or falls that might bring them to their knees?

Shouts and screams from kids and teens can make them unaware,
so when you drive around the streets, please take some extra care.

It's best if an adult leads the group from house to house,
And remember that some old folks could be frightened by a mouse!

Tell the children firmly, but with gentle care,
that if they go alone, the dangers will be there.

No matter what the size of the tasty chocolate treat,
Never enter strangers' homes to begin a feast.

Adults can also celebrate - take time to dance and jive,
But don't be tempted by a witch to ever drink and drive.

I hope you have a fun-filled night, with what you choose to do,
Look out for one another, and have a wingman too.

Don't panic if the plan goes bad, just stop and think it through,
Phone AADD, the friend, the boss and be set to help them too!

Enjoy, be safe, be strong - not weak,
We'll see you safe at work next week.