Ski resorts offer winter fun in broader Eifel-Hunsrueck area

  • Published
  • By Iris Reiff
  • 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
With temperatures rising, the snow is starting to melt in the valleys and in higher elevations around the Eifel. This is great for the safety of people but it's a bit sad for those 120,000 skiiers and snowboarders whom local newspapers have reported as enjoying the winter fun in Eifel-Hunsrueck mountains the past two months.

With less snow some local skiing resorts, like Erbeskopf, have temporarily closed down the lifts until the slopes are covered again. With artificial snow, resort officials can add a little and make conditions even better.

But people needn't worry because German weather forecast predict snow can be expected through February.

In any case, it's recommended people call a skiing resort first to check on the snow conditions before going there.

Four main resorts are locally available for people to visit.

The highest spot in the Hunsrueck mountains at 2,677 feet is Erbeskopf. The resort has nice wide slopes, and is an excellent place to learn both skiing and snowboarding. The area offers ski runs, cross-country tracks, several lifts, toboggan runs, lighted areas, a restaurant and a ski hut.

To reach Erbeskopf, drive through Herforst towards Trier and to Schweich. Take Autobahn 1 out of Schweich toward Saarbruecken/Kaiserslautern, exiting at Reinsfeld. Follow B-327 north toward Morbach. After approximately 19 kilometers there will be a sign to the Erbeskopf.

To see if the resort is open or for more information, call the Morbach information office at 06533-71117.

Idarkopf is also in the Hunsrueck Mountains, located about 30 kilometers from Erbeskopf. The slopes are 2,447 feet above sea-level and are near the town of Stipshausen and about 20 minutes from former Hahn Air Base. It has two lifts and a sled run.

The ski area often remains lit until late at night for night skiing. The resort is typically open 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m.-9 or 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

The resort also offers lessons but no equipment rental. Its ski run is 1,100 meters long. For more information, call the Morbach information office at 06533-71117.

About one hour northwest of Spangdahlem near Pruem there are two more ski resorts, Schwarzer Mann and Wolfsschlucht. The first one is located about 14 kilometers northwest of Pruem and offers runs of 700 and 800 meters, two lifts, a toboggan run, and one 5-kilometer cross country ski track. Booklets of 12 tickets cost 10 euro for adults and 5 euro for children.

To find out about the weather and slope conditions at Schwarzer Mann, or to find out about ski rentals, call 06551-4422 or 3252. There is a cottage and restaurant located there and sufficient parking is also available.

The Wolfsschlucht has two downhill slopes, a lift, hills for tobogganers and an 8.5 kilometer cross-country trail. It is about three kilometers northwest of Pruem. Prices for single lift tickets are one or two Euro for adults and half price for children. The resorts offer multiple ticket packages at reduced prices.

For more information call 06551-505 or 4545. For ski, boot and sled rentals, call 06551-256. Both resorts offer downhill skiing lessons.

Both resorts also have a ski hut to get food or refreshments and to warm up. Prices for rentals are of course much lower at these resorts than the bigger resorts in the Alps.

Pruem is located north of Bitburg. For more skiing information, call the Pruem tourist information office at 06551-505.