FSS dreams big for IEA

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Natasha Stannard
  • 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
The 52nd Force Support Squadron has been working with the 52nd Contracting and Civil Engineer squadrons to complete Installation Excellence award projects, which aim to enhance quality of life for Airmen and their families.

"We're really excited about the opportunity to improve our facilities with this award money," said Maj. Cat Logan, 52nd Force Support Squadron commander. "Our goal is to make our facilities highly desirable establishments for Airmen and their families to enjoy."

Projects FSS is involved in include the Eifel Lanes Bowling Center, base running trail, base library and the Skelton Memorial Fitness Center.

"It's a partnership between the force support squadron, civil engineer squadron and contracting squadron," said Tony Chatfield, 52nd Force Support Squadron community services flight chief. "We came up with ideas, and they made them better. It was the civil engineering squadron's architects who designed and renovated the [bowling center] and it was the contracting squadron's contractors who drafted our contracts -- making it all possible."

The bowling center is going through big changes to enhance appearance, customer support capabilities and the amount of amusement attractions and space so more people can have more fun, he said.

FSS met with CES to initialize the floor plan of what the bowling center would look like.

The floor plan included making more space for a new party room, installing two basketball-hoop machines, two ski-ball machines, a jump-rope machine and replacing the front counter with a custom-made, new counter.

"Contracting and CE ensured this new counter met all of our needs, which are primarily to have better command and control of the center," he said. "It's now centrally located and a better way of doing business."

FSS had ideas to improve the appearance of the floors and ceilings. Contracting made the contract and the civil engineers oversaw the project and ensured it was brought to life.

The triad also completed a new running trail, which now goes through the golf course. The path created is not only better for walkers and runners, but golfers as well because it wont disrupt games, Chatfield said.

"The trail is now a pedestrian and bike friendly facility people can use to travel from the south gate," Michael Noret, 52nd CES deputy base civil engineer. "We worked close with the force support squadron to integrate the trail with the golf course so it could be used by carts and pedestrians."

As for the fitness center, FSS recognized they needed new equipment and worked with CE to use funds to purchase some for the aerobics room and combat fitness center. They also recognized the women's locker room needed improvement and worked with CE to complete that project.

FSS also noticed more the library need new additions, so they worked with CE to purchase more books and subscriptions for the library.

"This is being done to improve what we offer Airmen," Chatfield said about the IEA projects. "Our primary mission is to provide superior customer service to the Saber team - we're here for the people."

Spangdahlem earned $1 million for winning the Commander-In-Chief's Installation Excellence award and was given the "check" in May 2011. This money is currently funding 10 IEA projects, which the 52nd Contracting Sqaudron, 52nd Force Support Squadron and 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron are working on collectively to complete.

Editor's note: This story is part two of three in an on-going series featuring Spangdahlem Air Base squadron's involved in completing IEA projects. According to AFI 36-2831, the IEA recognizes the "outstanding efforts of the professionals who operate and maintain Department of Defense installations."