Explore the Eifel fair, events

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  • 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
People can sign up to participate in excursions or find out local travel information at the Explore the Eifel fair between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. May 11 at Club Eifel.

The fair is also an alternate duty location, meaning Sabers who do not attend the fair must be at work. Civilian employees should coordinate with their supervisors for a time to visit the fair.

The excursions and events are scheduled for May 19-20.

Explore the Eifel fair May 11 events

The following are some of the events, booths and displays planned for the Explore the Eifel fair May 11.

Animal shows, medieval market
A falcon and owl show, pony rides, a Roman camp, a medieval handicraft market can be found outside. Performances are scheduled between 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Belgium tourism offices
Five tourist offices from the East Belgium region will provide information on local tours, culture and traditions in their country.

Cultural Society of Bitburg
The Cultural Society of Bitburg will offer information on cultural events, tours, concerts, readings, educational trips and more to base members.

Diekirch National Museum of Military History
The founder and curator of the Diekirch National Museum of Military History will be available at the fair to talk about the museum and welcome base members on guided tours and events.

Fischbach copper mine
A representative from the Fischbach copper mine, located in the Eifel-Hunsrueck area, will provide information to base members.

German-American Women's Club Bitburg
The German-American Women's Club will be at the fair May 11 fair to answer questions and provide information on events and membership.

German Fussball
Visitors can try their luck at making a goal through one of two small holes in a wall using a soccer ball May 11 at the fair. German Fussball players will be there to guide and help. Base members can sign up for local Fussball associations.

Gillenfeld Vulkanhof goat farm
Representatives from the Gillenfeld Vulkanhof goat farm will offer cheese and local village product displays. People have a chance to adopt a goat and win prizes.

Happy Land Bitburg
Representatives from Happy Land will be available at the fair to talk about the Bitburg's indoor playground, which offers the longest battery car track in the area, a long list of different playground houses, toys, games, children's entertainment and more.

Hot air balloon, tandem and parachute display
Local balloon pilots, tandem and parachute instructors will be available at the fair. People can climb into a hot air balloon basket and try on equipment that they may need to conduct any of the air balloon activities. People can ask questions or sign up for events.

Local leisure parks, falcon shows
Park animals will be at the fair, and a falcon show is planned. Both Eifel park Gondorf and the Kasselburg Eagle and Wolves park will be represented at the park with their mascots, information and free or reduced entry tickets to their parks for base members and their families.

Local travel agency information
Two local travel agencies will be on hand at the fair to offer tour information and answer questions.

Medieval handicraft market
The city of Bernkastel will set up a medieval handicraft market outside Club Eifel, where medieval and Roman culture and traditions will be demonstrated. Among the displays will be traditional outfits and Roman handicrafts, to include cooking, jewelry making and more.

Mosel wine queen
Meet the Bernkastel-Wehlen wine queen and get your photo taken with her. Also, representatives from five different wine communities will be present at the fair to offer wine samplings.

Several museums from the Eifel will come to the fair this year: the Trier archeological museum will present a special show, the Trier Spielzeug museum will show off toys, the Diekirch and Perle military museums will point out military history, and the Waxweiler Roman and Devonium museum will explain how life originated. All museums will have displays on hand for visitors to view. Another museum will talk about candle making in Manderscheid.

Neroth mouse trap museum
The Neroth mouse trap museum will show off ancient mouse traps and provide information on the museum as well as present local handicraft work.

Pony and horse riding
Ponyhof Gut Blumenscheid will bring ponies to the fair and provide free rides for children. Information on pony and horse riding, how to take lessons, or how to participate in riding events and competitions in the local area will be provided. There are also games planned.

Trier sightseeing bus
The original Trier Sightseeing bus, a British double-deck bus, and an ancient trade wagon from Landscheid will be on display.

Wine tasting, vineyard walk
Base members can sign up for several different wine probes. Several local vintners will be available to talk about wine and demonstrate the business of making wine. One vintner will invite people to both a wine probe and an educational walk through a vineyard.

Wittlich information, doorprizes
Representatives from Wittlich will provide information on the annual pig fest, as well as things to do and places to go in Wittlich and surrounding areas. Karsten Mathar will offer games and offer door prizes on behalf of the city and majority of Explore the Eifel exhibitors.

Manderscheid Castles and sightseeing
Manderscheid tourist officials will provide information on Manderscheid and the volcanic Eifel region. Manderscheid has two fortresses, an upper and lower fortress. A medieval and jousting festival takes place every year in summer there.

Explore the Eifel May 19-20 events

The following are some events planned for the Explore the Eifel excursion days May 19-20.

Bicycle tour of Mosel-Crater biking trail
A local bicycling guide will offer a bike ride to base members on the Mosel-Crater biking trail. This cycling path is known as Mosel-Maare and is about 60 kilometers long. The path leads to the Mosel communities of Lieser and Bernkastel on one side and through the volcanic Eifel area, to Daun, on the other side.

Burg Eltz castle visit
Officials from the Burg Eltz castle will offer information for English tours and provide background on the castle and surrounding areas. Burg Eltz, near Cochem, is located in a valley between the towns of Koblenz and Cochem. It is built on a hill and is surrounded by trees. The castle can only be viewed via one-hour tours. The distance from Spangdahlem to Eltz Castle is about 95 kilometers. For more information about this castle, visit http://www.burg.eltz.de.

Cochem Castle tours, medieval dinners and Mosel boat cruises
Cochem tourism officials will be at the fair to provide information about Cochem's castle, a highlight attraction in the Eifel. Cochem is known for its narrow and winding streets; restored half-timbered houses with typical slate roofs; and historic gates, churches and walls. Cochem is also a starting place to cruise the Mosel River, which offers a view of the castle. The town has the only wave pool on the Mosel.

Himmerod walk
The German Host Nation Council and the mayor of Spangdahlem invite base members on a scenic hike through the forest from Spangdahlem to Himmerod. In Himmerod, participants can see a Cistercian monastery built in the 11th century. Himmerod Abbey was destroyed by European conflicts and then reconstructed in 1957. The abbey has about six concerts from spring through fall and an art market in fall. There is a sales store within the grounds, featuring religious articles, German books and paintings. The distance from Spangdahlem is about 15 minutes. The walk through the forest takes about an hour and a half with stops.

Mountain bike race through Kailbach valley
Three bicyclers from Niederkail will offer a mountain bike race through the Kailbach valley. The exact date and time have yet to be determined, but more information will be available at the fair.

Nature Center Teufelsschlucht
Staff members from the Nature Park Center Teufelsschlucht, or Devil's Gorge, near Irrel will offer a guided tour through the Luxembourg Swiss area past gorges and through valleys.

Niederkail walk, museum visit and barbecue
The Niederkail community will offer a family and stroller-friendly walk through the Kailbach valley with a stop at a small museum where an Eifel poet used to live with his family. The event will end with a barbecue.

Walking clubs, IVV International Volksmarching
Several walking clubs, to include the IVV International Volksmarching club of Germany will be available at the fair, offering information on upcoming walks and IVV volksmarches. Guided walks will be offered May 19-20.

Things to See and Places to go in the Eifel

The following are local areas in the Eifel region that offer adventures throughout the year.

Bad Bertrich
Enjoy a thermal spa or full body massage in Bad Bertrich. The cost is 8 Euros for two hours of thermal bathing. It's about 45 minutes from the base. For more information, call 02674-932100.

Bad Muenstereifel
Bad Muenstereifel is a town located in the northern part of the Eifel area. This community has many half-timbered houses and a city wall that surrounds the town, known to be one of the best preserved walls of its kind within the Rhineland area. The wall has four gates and numerous towers. Many small shops offer local handicrafts and souvenirs.

Visit the town square and see a tank with ammunition holes in the side. The town is a museum or monument dedicated to the defenders of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. It's about two hours from the base. For more information, call 0032-6221-241.

See the ruins of a 12th century Renaissance castle and a neo-gothic church. The castle is open daily from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. March 25 through October 25.

Drive on an outside go-cart track; take a swim at the Cascade indoor and outdoor pool; tour the Bitburg brewery; or ice skate during the winter months in the nearby town of Bitburg. Visitors may also opt for a guided, English-speaking tour of Roman fortifications, dating back to 340 AD; visit the Ehrenfriedhof, a cemetery for Schutzstaffel and American soldiers; go shopping; or walk trails near the outskirts of town. Bitburg was a celtic settlement until the Romans came in the year 340 AD and established a fort. The city of Bitburg offers a guided tour of the remaining Roman fortifications.

See a castle that dates back to 1051 A.D. It is open daily from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Visit the town or enjoy English-speaking tours and medieval dinners at the castle.

Cycling paths
People can discover the Eifel by bicycle. Many cycling paths in Germany and in the Eifel are connected with one another. Among the most interesting cycling paths are the Kyll valley, the Moselle and the Maare-Mosel cycling path. The Kylltak path is just a few miles away from the base. It is longer than 130 kilometers and runs through many small villages. The Kyll valley cycle path is networked with the Mosel cycle path. This is one of the major cycle paths as it connects the border city of Wasserbillig to Koblenz. Bernkastel-Kues is also the convergence of the Mosel-Maar path that is about 60 kilometers and leads to the Mosel communities of Lieser and Bernkastel on one side and through the volcanic area, to Daun, on the other side.

See a variety of orchids every Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., and Sunday and holidays from 1 - 5 p.m. It's about an hour away from the base. For more information, call 06550-1438 or 06550-1657.

The Eifel is a volcanic region, and there are several volcanic craters in the Daun. For more information, visit http://www.daun.de.

The motto of the Fell community near Trier is "Stone and Wine." The Slate Show Mine at Fell consists of a typical two-story roofing slate mine from the turn of the 20th century. A tour lasts about an hour, with the accessible stretch being about one third of a mile long. Two large mining chambers, 'Grube Hoffnung' and 'Grube Barbara,' are about 300 feet below ground, where the visitor can see the tools of the miners and get an impression of the work of slate miners. Utensils used for wine cultivation are also displayed. Expert guides explain the technique of slate mining and the finishing process for roofing slate tiles. Individuals and families are not required to make reservations during the mine opening hours. Group tours are also possible outside opening hours. The distance from the base is about 40 kilometers. For more information, call 06502-988588 or visit http://www.besucherbergwerk-fell.de.

Herforst, Langmauer and Zemmer
The area where Roman pottery was produced in the first through fourth century reaches from Speicher to Herforst. The entire production center was inside the circuit of the so-called Langmauer, and is assumed to have once been located within an imperial estate. One portion of the Langmauer was reconstructed in Herforst and one can still find parts of the production area as well as an information board. Another production scene can still be found at the edge of the neighboring village of Zemmer, but in this case at its original site. The community of Zemmer also has its own small museum about this topic.

Hermeskeil Air Museum
The Hermeskeil Air Musuem is considered the largest private aviation museum in Europe, and it includes a collection of more than 100 planes and helicopters, as well as about 60 aircraft engines and propellers from around the world. An exhibition of the history of aviation and technology are located in four halls and outdoors. The distance from the base is about 65 kilometers. For more information, call 06503-7693 or visit http://www.flugausstellung.de.

Huettingen oven and iron museum
Theodore and Brigitte Luke have been collectors of cast-iron stoves, old hardware and ancient household articles. Theodore has been restoring the items in their original form for many years. Now, he and Brigitte run their own museum and a café that offers room for close to 50 people to celebrate or enjoy coffee and waffles. For more information, visit http://www.ofen-und-eisenmuseum.de.

Luenebach Eifel Zoo
More than 400 animals from across the world can be seen at the Luenebach Eifel Zoo, near Pruem. The zoo has a playground for children. Another attraction of the park is an old steam locomotive that takes visitors through the park. Other attractions include a miniature village featuring some of the Eifel's popular monuments in small-format displays. The zoo is open year-round from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. The distance from the base is about 50 kilometers. For more information, visit http://www.eifel-zoo.de.

Manderscheid candlemakers
A candle-making business can still be found in Manderscheid. Both traditional and modern candles are manufactured here. A tour of the workshop is possible. The distance from the base is about 20 kilometers.

Manderscheid Oberburg and Niederburg Castles
Two medieval castles are located on the Lieser river in Manderscheid. Guided tours and a gift shop can be found at the Niederburg. Walking trails surround the castles. A medieval castle festival takes place annually in summer. For more information, visit http://www.niederburg-manderscheid.de.

Mosel boat cruises
See the Mosel valley, castles, vineyards, rock formations, monasteries and Mosel villages by flowing along the Mosel River on a boat cruise. The German side of the Mosel is longer than 200 kilometers. Six different shipping companies offer various cruises on the Mosel River. For more information, call the Moselland Touristik at 06571-97330.

Mosenberg Mountain, volcanic crater lake in Bettenfeld
The Windborn Crater Lake in Bettenfeld is said to be the only original crater lake north of the Alps. It is a circular lake surrounded by trees and overshadowed by the slag rings of the Mosenberg Mountain. A lava explosion formed the Mosenberg Mountain in the Kyll valley. For more information, visit http://www.maarmuseum.de. The distance from Spangdahlem to the lake is about 20 kilometers.

Neuerbug is a town characterized by monuments such as a Gothic parish church and the Kreuzkapelle, or Cross Chapel, located east of town. Neuerburg also has a castle, which houses a youth hostel. In the summer, many guests enjoy cooling off in the nearby Aqua Fun pool. For more information, visit http://www.vg-neuerburg.de. Neuerburg is located about 48 kilometers from the base.

Neumagen-Dhron has one of the oldest vineyards in Germany. During the Roman Empire, wine was already being produced here. Every year, many visitors come to this town to enjoy wine festivals and wine tastings. Neumagen-Dhron is located about 50 kilometers from the base.

One of the world's most famous race tracks can be found in the Eifel at the Nuerburgring. Aside from numerous races, music and other mass sports events take place at the ring, a multi-functional recreational center. Nuerburgring is also the home to the "Rock at the Ring" annual open-air concert festival, where tens of thousands of people participate. The distance from the base is about 70 kilometers.

Otrang Roman villa near Fliessem
This partially restored Roman villa has a preserved mosaic. Visitors can view the remains of a large villa complex, offering Roman structures and ornate mosaic floors, dating back to the times of the Prussian rule. Villa Otrang is located about 15 minutes from Spangdahlem, near the community of Fliessem. The address is Villa Otrang 1, D-54636 Fliessem.

Pelm: Eagle and Wolf park Kasselburg, near Gerolstein
The Eagle and Wolf park at Kasselburg is an attraction in the Gerolstein area. Around the historic caste is a large park with animals to include wild boar, birds of prey, wolves and others. The tower of the Kasselburg castle dates back to the 12th century and provides a view of the park and the surrounding area. Demonstrations with eagles, falcons and vultures take place with the castle in the background. The wolf's gorge is connected directly to the castle located in a forested area. Visitors of the park can watch a wolf feeding during a demonstration.

The Pruem basilica is reputed to house Jesus' sandal. The town is about 30 minutes from the base.

Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Trier
The Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Trier offers one of the most extensive exhibitions in Germany about all of the aspects of life in the first four centuries. A permanent exhibition presents the foundation of Trier or Augusta Treverorum, which is the oldest city in Germany. Audio-visual facilities include media stations and audio guides in several languages, including English, for adults and students. Besides changing temporary exhibitions, the museum also presents the multimedia theater "In the Kingdom of the Shadows," which brings everyday life in Roman Trier alive. The museum, located on Weimarer Allee 1, D-54290 Trier, is located about 25 minutes from Spangdahlem.

Rittersdorf Castle and medieval dinner
Rittersdorf Castle is a 13th century castle surrounded by a moat. Groups can book a medieval dinner with entertainment. People can also get married with the castle as a backdrop. It's open Wednesday through Friday from noon to 2 p.m. and 6-11 p.m. The hours are noon to 11 p.m. weekends and holidays.

Rohscheid Museum near Konz
The Rohscheid open-air museum showcases the lifestyles and trades of old Germany. Visitors may also enjoy views of the Saar and Mosel Rivers. The museum is open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., and Saturday, Sunday and German holidays from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. The museum is located about 40 kilometers from the base between Trier and Konz.

Roscheiderhof open-air museum
The Roscheiderhof open-air museum can be found between the cities of Trier and Konz. At the museum, visitors can see demonstrations of baking bread and forging iron mails, and see an ancient store, school room and more. For more information, visit http://www.roscheiderhof.de. The distance is about 58 kilometers from the base.

Saarburg is located on the Saar River and is surrounded by vineyards and forests. The town's landmark is a castle dating back to 964 A.D., which overlooks the valley. The main attraction inside the city is a waterfall, cascading over rocks and plunging more than twenty meters. The city has many narrow streets with numerous small bridges. In addition, the city offers leisure facilities including boat tours, a summer bobsled coasting slide, many restaurants and a lot of Riesling wines. The distance from the base is about 75 kilometers. For more information, call 06581-995980 or visit http://www.saar-obermosel.de.

Schloss Weilerbach Castle in Bollendorf
Schloss Weilerbach Castle is located close to the German-Luxembourg border on the German side. The small castle was nearly destroyed during World War II and was restored from 1986-1996. The grounds include a large baroque garden with a small garden chapel where many weddings take place. The area around Schloss Weilerbach offers several walking trails, some of which lead past a Roman villa. The distance from Spangdahlem to Weilerbach Castle is about 45 kilometers.

See 3,000 exhibits at the automobile museum housing Europe's largest permanent Formula-1 exhibit and the fastest auto in the world. There's also an IMAX theater. It's about three hours from the base.

Spangdahlem: Nicholas Berg, a sculpture groups and De Schapp, old mill
A small chapel, located on the Nicholas hill in Spangdahlem is a cultural rarity in the Eifel area. Three sculpture groups, which can be found inside this chapel, are known as "Grablegungsgruppe" or "Holy Grave" dating back to the year 1643. The way to the chapel is lined with sandstone statues. An old mill, known as the Schapp was restored and now serves as a recreational facility for the Spangdahlem community. The party rooms can be rented for public or private and celebrations.

From the first through fourth century AD, the Romans produced pottery in the forest between Speicher and Herforst. A special feature of Roman pottery is the red-fired pottery from the fourth century, which was only produced in this area. Pottery is still manufactured in Speicher today. For more information, call the Speicher city hall at 06562-640.

Speicher Heimatmusuem
The Speicher Heimatmuseum shows how the local residents lived throughout the centuries. Almost 2000 years ago. the company Plewa has Roman pottery on display for enthusiasts. Products from their production line may be purchased at their shop. The Speicher kennel club 'Hundefreunde Speicher', the largest in the region, offers numerous training programs for dogs.

Traben Trarbach is a mix of half-timbered houses and Art Nouveau buildings. The towns of Traben and Trarbach sit directly across each other along the Mosel River. In recent times, they merged their governments and took the combined name. The town has a variety of attractions from the castle ruins and ancient churches, to the slightly more modern Brueckentor built across the Trarbach end of the Mosel bridge. Despite its architectural and historical wealth, Traben-Trarbach is better known for the wine produced from Riesling grapes. The city, like many others on the Mosel, is built in the valley, with hillsides covered by vineyards. The city hosts an annual Wine Festival each July. The distance from the base is about 50 kilometers. For more information, call 06541-83980 or visit http://www.traben-trarbach.de.

Visitors may enjoy Trier's 12th century St. Matthias abbey church with a Roman cemetery, dating back to the third century; the Church of St. Paulinas; the Dom Cathedral, which houses the robe of Christ; the Karl Marx birth house; the Porta Nigra; the Imperial Baths; an amphitheater; a Basilica; the Landesmuseum; a toy museum; and more. Trier is located about 35 kilometers from the base.

Vianden Castle in Luxembourg
See a castle built in 1417 and rebuilt in the 1970s in this town where Victor Hugo lived. Visit a gasthaus that sits above the town and which can be reached with a chairlift. From here visitors have a nice view of the castle and Vianden.

Weissenseifen, an artists' settlement, is located in the middle of forested area between the towns of Schoenecken and Murlenbach. A garden with sculptures is among the highlights people can expect to find in Weissenseifen. The settlement is characterized by the architecture of the cottages. Various exhibitions take place throughout the year.

Visit the old gate called Tuermchen or shop in the center of town. The second weekend in August, enjoy the annual Pig Fest. Wittlich has the Vitellius indoor and outdoor pool, a large fitness studio, a walkplatz in the city center with shops, a few bars, and a variety of international restaurants. Wittlich is located about 20 kilomters from the base.