Critical Days of Summer tips to drive safe

  • Published
  • By Maj. Walter B. Swain
  • 606th Air Control Squadron

Winter has long since come and gone, but some of the safety issues that arise during the winter months are also applicable during the Critical Days of Summer.

Safe driving is an issue we always need to think of, and while we know the Eifel region is famous for black ice during winter; we also need to remember during the summer months our region is known for rain storms that can adversely affect driving.

All roads, whether it's autobahn or a secondary road, can become slick after a rain storm. Airmen must remember this and slow down.

Vehicles can slip and slide on seemingly easy curves. Slowing down before entering the curve will allow the vehicle's tires to have maximum road grip throughout the curve. If the car starts to slide, the driver should take their foot off the accelerator and remember never to slam on the brakes.

Another way to avoid tragedy when driving in a rain storm is to drive defensively. This allows the driver to maintain situational awareness meaning they will notice the actions of other cars and drivers more quickly. The defensive driver is able to quickly and safely react to sudden road changes, such as pooling water or other swerving vehicles in a rain storm. Oftentimes, the best way to remain a defensive driver in deteriorating road conditions is to slow down, which allows extra time to notice sudden changes and react appropriately.

If drivers understand their road conditions, maintain awareness of their surroundings and react appropriately on the road, it will help the Air Force as well. Slowing down and driving defensively could save your life as well as the lives of fellow Airmen and their families.

For more safe driving information, call the 52nd Fighter Wing Safety Office at DSN 452-7233 or 06565-61-7233.