Vicious vampire frightens residents

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Gustavo Castillo
  • 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Editor's note: This is a fictitious article written in the spirit of Halloween. All of the events and most of the people in this story are completely made up.

An unidentified man with supernatural speed and strength has been reported terrorizing the Eifel community.

"My dog Lucy was barking like crazy outside," said Airman 1st Class Samantha Kovalewski, 52nd Communications Squadron cyber systems operations technician from Bloomsburg, Pa. "I've never heard her so worked up before. I saw a tall dark figure walk passed the window and the barking suddenly stopped. When I went outside to see if she was okay, she had vanished without a trace."

Police have found several missing animals not far from their owner's residence. The bodies are also found lifeless with two puncture wounds on their neck.

"Somehow their entire body was drained of blood," said a local veterinarian after completing an autopsy. "I have never seen anything like it before. How could something or someone do such a thing to these poor animals?"

All evidence points to the reality that a vampire is the source of all these mysterious incidents.

"I have no doubt in my mind that the culprit to these attacks is a blood sucking creature of the night," said a local farmer. "We must prepare ourselves before it is too late."

Armed with wooden stakes and holy water, local night watch groups have formed in effort to scare off the vampire. In rare cases where he is spotted, he disappears before the possibility for capture arises.

"We were just doing our normal sweep around the neighborhood when we heard a disturbance," stated the leader of a night watch group. "We cornered a man who was acting suspicious but as we got closer, he distracted us. Next thing you know, all that was left of him was a colony of bats. I couldn't believe my eyes."

As mysterious events escalate from missing pets to missing people, local law enforcement urges citizens to stay indoors in times of darkness.

"It seems all activity has been happening at night," stated law enforcement officials. "Please do everything you can to stay inside during the night, and if it cannot be avoided be sure to never go out alone."

All reports regarding the alleged vampire are being investigated. Updates on the case will be given as information surfaces.

"We are doing everything we can," said a local Polizei officer. "We will find a way to stop this madness. And we will find everyone who has gone missing."