Reservist Offers Options

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Devon Montgomery
  • Air Force Reserve Command
For Master Sgt. Billy Blair, it’s always a great day and yet another chance to offer guidance to separating Active Duty members. Blair is the newly assigned Air Force Reserve In-Service recruiter at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. He is available to answer your questions and review opportunities in the Air Force Reserve. His office is also able to assist with each Active Duty member’s transition into a part-time Reserve assignment by way of the Palace Chase and Palace Front programs.

“It’s very common for Active Duty members to be unfamiliar with all the great things the Reserve has to offer, and that’s where I come in”, said Blair. “For instance, most people are surprised to find out Reservists are entitled to the same Tuition Assistance Program as Active Duty members.” That’s one of the most important things Blair does, is bridge the knowledge gap for anyone considering Reserve options but is not familiar with the many differences.

“You really need someone who has been ‘been there and done that’ to help review the process and offer support. What I’m able to do is coach each member individually based on their plans, their goals, and their desired outcome. Reservists are full time civilians with a part-time participation schedules so it’s important to know how different the Reserve can be compared to their current Active Duty experience.”

Blair serves as the focal point for all things Reserve and can provide information ranging from assignment location availability and benefits to re-training options and general eligibility. In fact, so many things are different that it is highly recommended to contact the In-Service recruiter whenever you have questions.

For more information on part time options in the Air Force Reserve, contact MSgt Blair at 452-6762 or commercially at 0656-561-6762.